The hardest thing about a breakup is the sudden sense of loss, loneliness and isolation. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 10 slow breakups that will help you cope with your split in a gentle way. -Slow breakups are more about the process than the outcome. They’re a lot like yoga in that way, where you stay present and feel all of your feelings without trying to avoid or block anything.

Breaking up with someone is inherently going to be messy – we’re not upset because it’s rough but rather because relationships provide us with so much love, support and stability. So when they end, that loss can turn into sadness which then turns into anger.. etcetera ad nauseum until you finally let go for good (or at least accept). It sounds daunting but there’s no need to just barrel through each stage haphazardly; instead embrace them as part of the grieving process. And once you get back on your feet


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