Where to Buy Bright Bugz: The Ultimate Buying Guide One of the most common questions we get asked is “where can I buy these little guys?” We’re so glad you asked! Just follow this handy guide and you’ll have your very own Bright Bugz in no time. For those of us who live near our factory, simply stop by our showroom at 1801 North Westtow Avenue on weekdays from 10am-6pm or call ahead for a special appointment.

pink, christmas, border @ Pixabay

If you are not nearby, fear not! We also ship anywhere in the continental US for just $5 per box. -Bright Bugz are a natural and colorful addition to any home. -They make excellent housewarming or wedding gifts for those who love living life brightly! -You can use them as conversation starters, art installations, or just enjoy the soothing colors these little guys bring into your everyday life. We’re so glad you asked where to buy Bright Bugz!

Follow this guide and brighten up someone’s day with one of our tiny treasures today. 🙂 Where Can I Buy Bright Bugs? – The Ultimate Buying Guide was last modified: by Author Name Here on April 20th, 2018 at 12:00 pm Comments (0) Comment Guidelines No HTML tags allowed in comments Please enter all required fields without


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