No one knows when the corner where you are was created. It’s always been here, in this tiny little crevice of your mind that is full of memories, thoughts and dreams. The dusty corners of our minds can be hard to clean up – they’ve been there for so long! But what if we could make it a brighter place? What if we could turn those worries into hope? That’s exactly what Dusty Corner is all about. Dusty Corner is a blog for those who need hope. It’s about ideas,

thoughts and memories that remind us of the good in this world. Dusty Corner is about dusting off our corners so we can see all the light they can bring to ourselves and others around us – because sometimes even dark spaces deserve some light. The idea came when I was sitting on my bed one evening; staring out into my room where there are two dusty corners next to each other but no windows or natural lighting coming through. That night I couldn’t stop thinking about how easy it would be to make them brighter – by adding plants, lamps or anything else you could think of! And before long, I had an idea: what


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