Downton Abbey Sheet Music What is your favorite part of the show? Can you hum a tune that we might recognize from the Downton Abbey theme song? If so, then you will probably enjoy this new release by Gareth Farr – Downton Abbey Sheet Music. This sheet music contains piano arrangements for 12 popular pieces of music from the TV series. It includes both background tunes and songs sung on-screen by members of the cast! Is there a certain part of the show that you enjoy listening to over and over? For me, it is probably Maggie Smith’s rendition of “Why Am I So Clever.” This song has been performed on-screen by both Violet Crawley (played by Dame Maggie) and Edith Crawley (played by Laura Carmichael).

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The sheet music for this tune includes two versions – one solo piano arrangement with words written out as lyrics, and another version with only chord symbols printed on the score. The notation in this book starts at the beginning player level with easy arrangements that can be played quickly, repeated segments or choruses from songs sung within the Downton Abbey series are also included. Additionally,


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