brook where small fish swim,

koi fish, animals, fish @ Pixabay

The gentle sound of water flowing down a brook and the sight of small fish swimming in it’s clear waters is one that will never get old. The scene before me was perfect, with the trees on either side providing shade as I leaned over to take a drink from the cool stream. It was such an idyllic setting that I couldn’t help but stay for a while longer, taking in all of its natural beauty.

fish, swim, water @ Pixabay

– The brook is a gentle, relaxing place to go for those who need the peace and quiet. – There are also small fish swimming in it’s clear waters that provide an awesome sight when they come so close to you. This blog post is about how beautiful a brook with small fish can be if you have any love for nature! It has great scenery and feeling of serenity even though there aren’t many people around most times. If you’re looking for some cool water on this hot day then look no further than your local stream or river! You might find more than just water too 😉 + Brook: A body of running fresh water sometimes, but not always, flowing through fields and meadows;


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