Everyone has heard of the classic children’s story, Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin Jr. But not everyone knows that it is actually a great example of how to incorporate an interactive element into reading for kids. In this blog post we will discuss how you can use interactive elements in your work with young learners and provide some examples from our new book called “Brown Bear, Brown Bear: Who Do You See?” The book is all about colors and animals, but it’s told in an unusual way.

It starts out with a little boy who sees different things on each page depending on what color he looks at when the reader says “Brown Bear”. For example if you look at blue you might see water or sky while yellow could be bananas or flowers. If we use our interactive element to make this happen, we would simply ask kids which animal they want to see by clicking on that page number- for example looking at green is like seeing grass so click number five and then the child will find frogs instead of birds! With just one small change, children can go from discovering their favorite color to finding out how many kinds of fruit are there are in the


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