We all have anxiety. It’s a natural response to the fear of something in our environment that we don’t know or understand. It can be irrational and often times it needs to be dealt with by figuring out what is causing the anxiety, but sometimes it just hangs around like a bad smell you can’t get rid of.

Here are some ways to help you exhale your anxiety and restore peace to your life! – put your attention on what you are doing, rather than dwelling on the anxiety. Pay attention to your breath and be present in each moment – take a class or participate in an activity that will allow you to focus inwardly. These can include yoga, meditation, mindfulness exercises, reading poetry aloud for yourself while looking at nature imagery with no background noise..whatever brings peace into your life! – give back something of value to others: volunteer time as a mentor or tutor; donate clothes from closets full of unwanted items; organize food drives; visit elder care centers and read stories aloud with younger children who would like some company..anything where you see the good side of humanity shining through. If we all do this together it has


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