The most recent episode of the podcast, “Bullet That Can Kill the Past” is now available! In this episode, we explore how to use time travel in order to kill your past self. We also discuss what it means to be a time traveler and some of the paradoxes that come with it.

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In the podcast, we talk about a paradox called “The Grandfather Paradox”, which is when your past self travels back in time and shoots his grandfather before he has children. This would stop him from ever having grandchildren, but once you have been born and had kids of your own, how did their existence not depend on you shooting your grandfather?

We also discuss what it means to be traveling through time with another person. What if one future you kills present-you or vice versa? Is that possible? How does that work out for the timeline as a whole? These are just some thoughts I’ve come up with while thinking about this episode and its themes. Check out the full show here! Resources: Bul


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