Spinning bullets are a fascinating phenomenon. Bullets spin when they are shot from a rifle or handgun, but why? One reason is that the bullet’s shape causes it to rotate as it travels through the barrel of the gun and then leaves. Another possible explanation is that gases behind the bullet can cause it to rotate in flight because of their higher pressure on one side than on another. In order for a bullet to spin, it needs an axis of rotation. The direction that the barrel is tilted may cause the bullet to rotate in one way or another, depending on which side has more gas pressure behind it. This can affect how well and accurately the shooter can hit their target because there will be yawing (the deviation from normal flight as measured by angular displacement) when bullets are spinning through air. Bullets also tend to tumble—a rotational motion around three axes determined by two planes and a line passing along its length-when they have been fired into something like human flesh with enough force, such as during close combat situations where weapons are used at relatively short range angles (or if you were using bird


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