It was just a typical day when I walked into the grocery store. Out of nowhere, this guy came up to me and said hi. He looked different than in his pictures but it had been so long since we talked that I thought he might have changed his hair or something like that. But then he started talking about how he missed hanging out with me and wanted to know if we could go on a date again. It turns out, this person ghosted me after one date! This is an example of a sentence.

The experience left me feeling embarrassed and annoyed at this person for making me feel like I was the one who did something wrong when it clearly wasn’t that type of situation, or so I thought. It really turned my day upside down! There are many different types of ghosting but in-person encounters can be more difficult to deal with because you have to see their face while they say these words, which makes it even harder to forget about them. When someone ghosts on you after just one date, they want nothing more than for your feelings towards them not to change quickly where as if there were more dates or conversations then things might take longer before he completely forgets


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