bunk’d can you hear me now,

social media, facebook, twitter @ Pixabay

The owner of this phone company was fed up with the number of complaints he had been receiving about his service. He took to social media and posted a video where he called himself “bunk’d” after telling customers they couldn’t hear him on the phone. This is now an infamous case study in how not to promote your business online. The video has over 100,00 views and nearly 500 dislikes. It’s also been posted on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.

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The story of bunk’d has spread so quickly that the name now shows up as a synonym for “bogus phone service” in Google search results. In this case study we can see how an internet celebrity was born from one bad business decision to promote his company online – just think about what could happen if you do it right! This is why I always say: “can you hear me now?” Tags: #BusinessTips #PettyOpinionBlogger This blog post will teach readers..what not to do when trying to


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