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John Will Burns Figa is a consultant, speaker and author. He has been called on to help some of the largest companies in the world with their customer service strategies. In this article we will discuss what he has learned from his experiences that will improve your conversion rates! Some tips for improving conversion rates: Use the right words to connect with customers. Be sincere and authentic in your interactions. Understand what motivates them and speak to it directly. Help them to get their needs met. Build a community around your brand that cares about it as much as you do and they will be happy to help in the conversion process by sharing content. “In any customer service interaction, we are really trying to create an emotional connection with our contact,” said Burns Figa. “We want people not just have a good experience when they come into contact with us but also turn on themselves and become advocates for the business.” He recommends using words like ‘welcome,’ ‘thank you’ or other common greetings because those simple expressions can remind customers of their own experiences at home or make them feel more comfortable during phone calls. When constructing answers, stay sincere rather than following formulas since


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