Who doesn’t love a good can of biscuits? Unfortunately, sometimes they don’t turn out so well. The dough falls apart during the cooking process and it’s impossible to make anything more than a pile of crumbs. But there are ways to fix this problem! We have compiled some great tips for fixing your busted can of biscuits.

-Check the cooking instructions on the biscuit can. Different brands of biscuits may require different kinds of baking times and temperatures, so it’s important to read over this information before you start messing with your recipe.

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Be sure that you’re using a cake pan or oven dish large enough to accommodate all your dough without having them touch each other during baking. If they are squished together too much, they will fall apart as soon as you try to take them out!

Don’t forget about ingredients like eggs and milk that help give biscuits their tender interior texture (remembering how dry these items make baked goods). Eggs, in particular, should be added right at the beginning of the mixing process for best results. Conclusion: Of course there is


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