but at what cost meme,

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At first, memes were just a fun way to pass time on the internet. It was something that could make you laugh and help you get through your day. But at what cost do they have on my mental health? Memes are made to be humorous and entertaining, but how much of an impact can one person take before it starts affecting them in negative ways? What is too much for any individual?

The worst part is when you start to rely on memes. They become your coping mechanism for everything in life and anything outside of that feels like a struggle to get through. Memes are constantly reinforcing the idea that everyone else has it better than you.

Which can lead to feelings of being left behind or abandoned by friends or family members who have moved away from this digital world of humor while also developing feelings of paranoia because they may be able to see what’s going on with this person at any given time. You just feel so vulnerable all the time because everything about yourself is exposed-your likes, dislikes, personality traits, etc.


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