Can You Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency the Same Day?


Buying and selling cryptocurrency on the same day is a regular practice in crypto trading. This crypto trading practice is known as day trading crypto. The act of selling and purchasing a cryptocurrency on the very same day, or numerous times throughout the day, is known as day trading cryptocurrency.

Profiting from modest price changes may be a rewarding game if done right. However, it may be a risky game for newcomers or anybody who does not follow a well-thought-out plan. Crypto day trading, unlike typical day trading, needs a broader understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain systems in order to achieve constant profitability.

How to Start Day Trading Crypto?

A day trader must have a complete comprehension of cryptocurrency and also trading fundamentals, irrespective of the marketplace. Only invest your money where you’re willing to lose it. Here’s everything you need to go through to begin day trading crypto if you have immaculate vulnerability management abilities and steely nerves.

1.    Pick a Platform to Start Trading

The first decision a day trader must make is which platform to employ. Only nationally licensed crypto-trading platforms are available to US traders, therefore this is an important factor to be considered while looking for a suitable platform. 

When it comes to picking the best platform for buying and selling crypto, exchange stability, asset cash flow, and charges have been at the number one spot. Due to the general instability in the cryptocurrency market, the demand for digital currencies might fluctuate dramatically. Traders who want to make the most money in this market must act quickly.

When looking for the best trading platform, keep the following points in mind:

Cryptos that the platform supports:

When deciding which platform to utilize, understanding which cryptocurrencies are accessible to exchange long in advance may be a useful tool. A relatively small transfer with much more recognized cryptos and trading pairings may be more useful today traders focused on altcoins than a larger exchange with limited alternatives.

Transaction charges:

When market participants conduct a deal, exchanges incur processing fees. To commercialize their company, all bitcoin exchanges ask clients for a transaction fee. The transaction pricing structure might vary based on the exchange’s policy, such as offering no charge for deals for more than $10,000 to encourage large-scale trading.

Methods of Deposit:

Users must fund their trading accounts with assets in the same way as they would a brokerage account. Bank transfers, as well as wire transfers, are available on many trades, but credit card financing, PayPal exchanges, and perhaps even gift card exchanges are rare.

Liquidity of Trade:

A trade’s liquidity, also known as exchange liquidity, refers to the speed and simplicity with which it may convert one commodity into the other without influencing its price. The top cryptocurrency exchanges are extremely liquid, which means they can trade assets very instantly and with a small spread between price differences.

A number of internal variables have an impact on exchange liquidity. Substantial transaction volume for the specified cryptocurrencies, the concentration of available dealers on a particular exchange to complete orders, cheap fees to encourage makers to establish positions, and a range of funding alternatives to attract new dealers to the platform is all factors that contribute to the platform’s success.

Swyftx NZ is a New Zealand based platform for cryptocurrency trading, which stands up to the mark for one of the most suitable crypto trading platforms.

2.  Select your Assets Carefully

After you’ve set up your account on a portal, it’s time to decide what you want to invest in. Economic uncertainty is a great evil for bitcoin day traders. The very same market instability that drives away buy-and-hold traders also creates possibilities for day traders to benefit. Liquidity, as well as volatility, are two factors that a day trader must consider in order to participate effectively in the cryptocurrency industry.

Take into account asset volatility, liquidity as well as the trading volume when deciding what to trade in.

Asset liquidity:

The ease with which an asset may be turned into cash without influencing its price is referred to as asset liquidity. The liquidity crisis in the cryptocurrency world may be terrible, creating price slippage and raising the danger of a market crash. Today there are even are crypto games and different types of STZ tokens in which you can pool your earnings and even more. 

Market Volatility:

The inconsistency of cryptocurrency price fluctuations is referred to as market volatility. The media cycle, economic statistics, as well as case studies are all factors that influence market volatility.  When contrasted to more famous and quite well-known cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or ethereum, altcoins with lower market capitalization have the most volatility.

Trading volume:

The total amount of digital currencies exchanged over a predetermined amount of time is referred to as trading volume. The trading volume of a cryptocurrency is a determinant of total market interest. A cryptocurrency with a massive trading volume has more liquidity.

3.  Make a Trading Plan Choice

Day traders employ a variety of strategies to profit from short-term changes in the cryptocurrency industry. A cryptocurrency day trader should develop a profitable strategy based on research and have well-defined strategies for entering and exiting positions. The following are amongst the most successful emerging day trading tactics.


Arbitrage within cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin is when a dealer buys cryptos on one swap and instantly sells it at a premium price on yet another exchange. Arbitrage opportunities can be facilitated by cryptocurrency pairings. Whenever the value of a crypto combination made up of a less popular coin and a well-known cryptocurrency rises.

Bot trading:

A trading bot is a software program that allows users to purchase as well as sell financial products at a predetermined time or when certain circumstances are satisfied in order to optimize earnings. Cryptocurrency trading bots are intended to boost earnings while lowering liabilities and risk.

Range Trading:

Range trading takes advantage of sideways markets by identifying consistent maximum and minimum prices, which are depicted as barriers and resistance levels on charting. Day traders that use range trading tactics find a period of time during which they may benefit by purchasing a cryptocurrency property once it is produced and sold and selling it when it is purchased at a higher price.


Buying and selling cryptocurrency on the same day is a possible trade. However, it is an elevated-vulnerability approach that involves buying and selling cryptocurrencies often in the hopes of making a quick profit. Anyone involved in day trading cryptocurrencies must have a clear idea as to where they intend to trade, develop a precise day trading plan, as well as adhere to their incoming and outgoing locations.

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