I love them.

One of the things that makes news coverage so enjoyable is that it tends to be all-inclusive; you don’t have to worry about which news anchor is actually interested in your story. It’s the same reason that I love the way American Idol is all inclusive, and not just one-sided. It’s also why one of the things about American Idol is that it’s the one outlet many people don’t like to watch because of the way it shows people who are not into the show.

If I had to pick one news anchor, I think I’d go with one of the guys that I have a crush on. I mean I like a lot of the ones that I’ve met on American Idol’s little fan site, but there are some that I dont like that much. Like I said in my previous post, I’m a huge fan of The Breakfast Club’s “That’s What Friends Are For” and that’s probably my favorite of the ones I have.

Although I dont know if anyone remembers that one, I actually think that this guy is the most boring news anchor since Idols new-hires. And I think that it’s because I don’t know him that I like his appearance on Idol. I like all of the new hires, but I don’t know him. I just thought that he seemed like the boring news anchor. My friends and I just laugh when we hear his name, but I think his personality is a bit off.

Well, he is a news anchor, and he is a somewhat boring personality, but his appearance is just a little off. He is always in the same boring outfit, always in the same boring pose, and always just a little bored. The only thing that is boring about him is how he sounds. Even though he is a news anchor, he never seems to speak. He just talks, and talks, and talks.

When the video starts, I think that’s the most boring part of the video, because he is constantly trying to find the correct words to describe the situation. I think he is a bit boring because he’s trying to get out of the boring situation and start talking. I think he is a bit boring because he doesn’t seem to have a clear picture of what’s going on. But it’s really pretty boring.

The guy who did the video is the news anchor for one of the most popular channels on TV, but he’s not a well-known one. They call him the “Sonic” because he seems to be the best at talking and acting. He seems to just be an average guy with a weird obsession with finding the right words to describe what’s going on. He seems to be pretty boring, but at least he is good at being a news anchor.

The guy who did the video is channel one news anchor. Its pretty clear that the channel he works for isnt very well funded, so they cant afford to pay him for his time. This guy is also the news anchor for the channel one channel, which is a smaller one in comparison. But this guy seems to have a lot more time to work as a news anchor.

So the video is a bit weird because it starts with an introduction of the channel one news anchor (but its not really an introduction, its more like a “hey I’m a news anchor” clip) and then it shows the news. Its not too clear what the news is about though, but I dont think its too bad.

The channel is one of the smaller channels on the net, and has a staff of about a dozen. They’re small but they have a lot of resources so they’re able to broadcast more than just news. When I interviewed them last month they were telling me that their main goal in this new year is to get more traffic. They have no budget but they still managed to get 5.5 million impressions this past month, which is pretty good for an online channel.


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