Clackamas News is a podcast hosted by Rachel Somma and I that is a good source of local information and news, plus it is the only podcast that I listen to on a daily basis.

Clackamas News is the only podcast I listen to on a daily basis. I don’t like it, but it’s a nice way to get out of my mind.

For my part, I have a lot of local news to get out. I am a huge fan of the Portland, Oregon radio news station KGW (97.9 FM) and I am currently working on a documentary on that station called “Portland’s Hidden History”. As a journalist, I am very interested in the history of Portland, Oregon and the American West. This podcast is a great way to get out of my head and into the real world.

I should probably mention that I was a college student just last year, but I still have no idea what I am talking about. I may be a bit of an idiot and it may be some sort of gag, but I actually feel that I am an idiot.

There is no video of the interview, sorry. I just thought it was cool that you were interviewing the owner of clackamas news and then the owner of Portland’s very own clackamas news.

I think that it is cool that you’re interviewing the owner of clackamas news and the owner of Portlands very own clackamas news. You can actually just look at the video and get a whole lot of information without having to listen to a clip. This is because clackamas news is not just a podcast. Instead of broadcasting the interview live, the podcast is a self-contained podcast that you can listen to whenever you want.

A podcast is a video-recorded live interview in which the host discusses a topic with the audience. As it happens, Clackamas News is a podcast, and we have about a half hour of it.

The podcast is hosted by a group of people, the Clackamas Nation. You’ll probably recognize many of these people from the various clackamas news podcasts we’ve featured on the website. The podcast is a mix of interviews with people talking about topics like the upcoming clackamas news conference, the Clackamas Nation’s plans for the upcoming year, and a discussion about the importance of clackamas news in the news industry.

Clackamas news has become one of our most popular podcasts. It is a great way to educate yourself on clackamas news and to start hearing from the local clackamas news experts. And just like our website was, the podcast is an open forum where anyone can start a discussion about the topic of clackamas news and start a new clackamas news podcast.

It’s always great to have Clackamas news back in the loop. Our listeners are always on the look-out for good local news, and their own local news expert. The Clackamas Nation is a group of local news reporters who talk about the news of the day, but also discuss the news of the evening. The idea is that the people in the news and the clackamas news experts are in an ongoing conversation with each other.


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