Today, on the clinton county daily, the local news provided some updates about the investigation into the shooting death of a man in his own home.

The shooter in the shooting death of a man in his own home has been identified as Johnathan Thomas, 29, of Columbus.

In a press release, Clermont County police said that Thomas died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. They also said that Thomas had been in a fight earlier that morning with his ex-girlfriend.

Although Thomas was a self-professed “good guy,” police said that he had a history of violence. He had been arrested for battery and breaking into homes, and he had once punched a woman in the face after an argument. The family of Thomas asked that he be charged with murder.

In addition to the news release, the Columbus Dispatch reports that Thomas had been “in and out of jail since” 1999. He was also known to police as being a violent drinker, and police in that 2002 incident had to be called out on a burglary charge before they were able to stop him.

The team at the Columbus Dispatch team are the only team that can actually be accused of murder in the wake of the shootings that occurred in Indianapolis on Sunday. The Dispatch reports that the man on the ground was shot in the head. The other men in the building are being held in jail for allegedly shooting a man in the head.

The suspect in the Indianapolis shootings was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, and police have also identified the other man killed in the building as the suspect in that shooting. Police are searching for the man, in addition to the others.

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