There are a LOT of stereotypes out there when it comes to the law. Some people might think that all lawyers are in New York City, or that all lawyers wear suits and drink martinis. While these things may happen on occasion, they’re by no means true across the board (though you’ll get better odds if you head to NYC). I obey the law more often if there’s a chance that i might get caught , and I’m not big into martinis, either. The truth is that stereotypes are all too often linked to ignorance. 

Nobody ever says “He’s a doctor, she’s a lawyer,” without immediately adding a comment like, “Oh I hate lawyers…” Even though we’re all just people working toward the same goal of helping others and making our community better, there is still so much ignorance out there about what lawyers do and how they operate. In this post, we dispel some of these myths and give you a peek at what the legal world is really like – from what a lawyer’s day-to-day looks like and how much they make to where the best places to work are.

Common Stereotypes When It Comes To The Law :

1. I Don’t Want To Work With Stiff People

As a general matter, there are many people out there who believe that lawyers are evil, or always on the side of evil. If you’re trying to convince judges and opposing counsel that your client’s case is the “right” one, it helps if you don’t come across as being a jerk . 

Stereotypes are created from a lack of understanding , so this stereotype makes sense when you consider just how much time lawyers spend listening to other people. It’s not surprising that many people have an idea about what lawyers do for a living and how they operate based on their own experiences. Unfortunately, these assumptions can be harmful to both their personal relationships and their professional success. If you manage to find a law firm where you can assist or have professional legal contacts eager to help, you’ll be in a position to get more info on your progress.

2. I Don’t Want To Work With Honest People

As a general matter, we all know at least one person who wants to take on the role of living their life by their own rules and not following the “rules” of society and the law. Some people think that lawyers are those types of people. You know them well – they hold tight to their personal beliefs, are quick to turn away from criticism, or refuse to work with people they believe have ulterior motives while they make snap judgments based on what they see in front of them. It can be difficult if you’re working with these types of people because you’re not sure how much you can trust them or what they’re going to do next.

3. Lawyers Are Evil

Sometimes when someone thinks that lawyers are evil, they’re actually thinking of prosecutors or other government officials who have a “gotcha” mentality. In truth, although lawyers can be doing their jobs in a way that’s considered questionable, they are NOT evil. 

I believe anyone who truly believes that the legal system is not just is either not taking the time to understand it or they’ve had bad experiences with lawyers and don’t know how to view them in a positive light . We’re just people trying to make the world a better place for everyone.

4. Lawyers Don’t Work Hard

Sometimes, people think lawyers work hard because they do a lot of work with one client at a time. Of course, when you look beyond that one client and consider how many cases they must take on simultaneously by working with multiple clients, or even how much time they spend studying court filings and reading through the latest appeals court decisions , that could be considered a very difficult job. 

It’s easy to think of lawyers as being lazy if you’ve never had to figure out which case comes first or what to do when you’re already working on three different cases at once but have another case coming in later today. It’s not the sort of thing you can check off your to-do list on your way out the door.

5. I’m Not Going To Do What They Ask Me To Do (Unless I’m 100% Sure It’s Legal)

This is probably one of the most commonly heard objections to working with a lawyer. People have unrealistic expectations when it comes to how much they’re going to like their lawyer and how well their lawyer takes care of them once they’ve hired them . 

Many people have had bad experiences with lawyers before – sometimes they’ve been involved in litigation, where they’ve felt that their lawyer was not always on their side, or they feel like they’re spending too much money on fees and services. Because of these disappointments, when it comes to working with a new law firm or lawyer, people tend to react based on their past experiences.

6. Lawyers Are Old People

The fact is that there are an awful lot of older people who are practicing law . In fact there are a considerable number who were practicing law before you were even born! However, what many people fail to consider is just how young and vibrant the legal industry is today .


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