Debunking the Most Common Fat Grafting Myths That Exist Today


Have you ever dreamed about removing the excess fat from your tummy and moving it a few inches north into your breasts? Well, the latest trend in surgical beauty treatments can do exactly that. 

You may have heard about fat grafting before. It recently became very popular, working the magic of enhancing your breasts, butt, and even your face. 

There is a lot of misinformation about fat grafting so we are here to set the record straight!

Keep reading to learn about the most common fat grafting myths and see what this procedure can do for you! 

What Is Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting is a cosmetic surgery that transfers fat from one area of the body to another. This is also known as lip modeling. 

This process removes unwanted fat and uses it to enhance another part of the body. It can make the area bigger in size, or smoother. While it is a very popular procedure for the butt and the breasts, it is also quite effective for the face as well. 

Common Fat Grafting Myths

There are many myths and misconceptions about fat grafting. As it becomes more popular, many people are starting to see the many benefits of fat grafting. 

Fat Grafting Will Not Last

This is one of the most common myths of fat grafting surgery.

With the right surgeon and proper aftercare, the procedure can actually be permanent. However, if you go to a surgeon without experience and the fat cells are not transferred properly, they can be eliminated shortly after the procedure. 

The most crucial time of the procedure is 48 hours prior, to ensure that the fall cells survive and create their own blood supply. Only a skilled surgeon will be able to execute this procedure properly. 

You Can Get Fat Grafting From a Donor 

The fat grafting procedure can only be done with the fat from your body. You cannot use another person’s fat because your body will reject it in the process. This is true even if you are using fat from a family member.

You must use your own fat source for a fat grafting procedure. 

Fat Grafting Creates Lumps

Another common myth is that fat grafting can create lumps and bumps in the relocation areas. This is not true.

A well-trained surgeon will ensure that the results are smooth and natural-looking. For best results, try fat grafting by Dr. Motykie to give your body beautiful enhancements. 

You Should Gain Weight Before Fat Grafting

There is a myth that if you gain weight before the procedure, that you will have better results. But if this is not your body’s natural body weight, you will lose the fat from the injection site. 

You want to ensure that you are in optimal health before any procedure. Your health and wellness are important before, during, and after the treatment. 

Debunking Fat Grafting Myths

Fat grafting can get you the body you’ve always wanted. Although this procedure is quite popular, there are still many myths surrounding the trendy treatment. If you’re considering a fat grafting procedure, be sure to refer to our mini-guide on fat grafting myths! 

For more helpful tips on cosmetic procedures, keep coming back to our awesome blog. 


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