In the game 7 days to die do torches attract zombies?

Torches can be an effective way to deter higher level ghouls and ghasts from attacking survivors. It is unknown if they will attract zombies. In order to find out, a player must turn on a torch and see if any undead creatures approach them.

 If they do not, then it’s safe to conclude that torches do not attract zombies in the game 7 Days to die. If they do, then a player should avoid carrying one at all times since this will result in more zombies being drawn towards you than normal.

Do Torches Attract Zombies :

1. Yes Zombies love the light and once you turn on your torch, zombies will try to attack you.

2. No, torches do not attract zombies. You can still have a torch on without zeds attacking you.

3. It depends if the player is near a zombie hive, or close to an alleyway where several zombies spawn at the same time from one or more locations, or if it is nighttime (some zombies are only active at night). Torches DO NOT attract the “roamers”.

4. I don’t know, that is what the player must find out.

5. If you are carrying a torch, zeds will not spawn near you or even if you are in an area with no zombies, They will still try to attack you and unless your on high ground with a very good view of the area, they render it useless. Just remember if it is dark, it’s not worth carrying one IMO.

Interesting facts about Zombies :

1. If you run past a zombie, it will continue to attack you – 

It’s best to run into doors, even with zombies chasing you. They will continue to chase after you and sometimes this will lead them around corners or off of cliffs and buildings. However, be aware that there may still be zombies in the building/room behind the door, so it is still prudent to look at dark areas before entering dark buildings with doors and walls (since they can’t be seen through).

2. Zombies spawn in darkness – 

Zombies spawn at night as well in other places as well. They spawn mostly at dark places and some are spawned along with C4 demolitions expert zombies at daytime for example. 

The amount of zombies depends on how many people are playing and how much the server has been used, but they spawn even during the day. A good example is logging in to a server with a lot of people on it and you will see them around your map.

3. Zombies can walk up stairs – 

Zombies are not affected by gravity, they will always use the quickest way up onto higher levels, so they don’t need to climb stairs to get onto second or third level buildings and hillsides. 

However, water and deep holes (more than 2 meters deep) are obstacles that zeds cannot cross, so building underwater bridge sewer systems is one way to protect underground bases from zombies.

4. Zombies will attack any survivor – 

Zombies do not discriminate and will attack every survivor who is nearby. They may be friendly or hostile, but they will always attack when able to reach them. This means that zombies are not affected by skills that make survivors friendly to all other survivors, so they can attack the person with such skills and nearby friendly survivors will not damage the zombie (because they will “see” it as a hostile survivor).

5. Zombies respawn at their hives – 

Zombies respawn at their hives. In other words, if you destroy the hives of zeds, then you do not have to worry about re-fighting them again, as long as there are no other nearby hives. There are 1 to 3 hives per map. If you see a large number of zombies (for example, being attacked by 100 or more of them), then there must be a nearby hive.

6. Zombies do not need to breathe – 

Zombies will not drown in water, so it is possible for them to attack you in ocean-based structures like boats. They also do not suffer from oxygen deprivation (or other gases), so they can attack you in buildings/rooms that have lethal gases that kill survivors quickly, such as the ones generated by a Gas Bomb dropped on the floor. 

This can be used for setting traps for unwary survivors who don’t look at the environment before entering a building or room. A large enough volume of gas can kill a player even though they are wearing a gas mask (it takes some time to kill them).

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