If you’ve ever been to any amusement park, you may have come across the G999 Coin. These coins are placed in certain rides and machines throughout the park, but they all have different values on their backs, reflecting what they cost you. If you need a specific amount of them in order to access a ride or game, feel free to ask an attendant for help — or just buy one with cash.

1. So how do these work?

G999 Coins are inserted into rides and machines throughout the park, and most of them can be used by anyone. However, some rides may require a specific amount of G999 Coins in order to gain access — so ask an attendant if you aren’t sure!

2. What are the different values?

There are 19 different values for G999 Coins. They’re listed here, from lowest to highest: 1, 2, 3, 5, 10. 20. , 50 , 100 , 500 , 1000 , 5000 , 10000 , 50000 and 200000 . Every coin has a value that ends in either 0 or 9 (e.g.: 1G999 or 10G999).

3. What can I use these for?

G999 Coins can only be used by guests at Gotta Go! Land, and their primary function is to pay for rides and games. However, there are also various other uses for these coins — such as prizes at Grab-N-Go Games!

4. Okay, so what rides and games can I use them on?

G999 Coins can be inserted into almost every ride and game in the park. 

5. So what are they used for at the Maze of Terror?

Lady Gaga’s maze, located in the center of the park, requires a total of 15 G999 Coins purchased in order to gain access — and so far all guests have been using them to access the maze.

6. Are there any other places I can use them?

G999 Coins can’t be used at most other rides and games, nor are they accepted at Grab-N-Go Games! — but who knows what might replace these! We’ll continue to report on new uses for G999 Coins as more information becomes available.

7 . So where can I get them?

G999 Coins are sold by the park at various locations, and they’re also sold by park employees in exchange for cash. Keep in mind that you can also get them as prizes at Grab-N-Go Games!

8. Are there any limits to how many I can get?

There is no limit to the number of G999 Coins you can buy. However, some rides may require a specific amount of coins before they can be used, so buy accordingly!

9. So what comes with them?

Every G999 Coin you purchase comes with a certificate of authenticity, ensuring that it’s from Gotta Go! Land — and you’ll also get a free puzzle piece just for buying them!

10 . So where can I make more purchases?

G999 Coins are sold at the following locations throughout the park:

Gift Shop (center of the park)

Arcade (center of the park)

Amusement Rides (various parts of the park)

11. What can I do if I have any other questions or comments?

Feel free to talk to our guest relations team, who are located throughout the park. They can answer any other questions you have, or help you make other purchases!

12. Where is the park located?

You can find the park by following these directions:

Gotta Go! Land is located in the middle of Universal Orlando Resort, between Islands of Adventure and Seaworld. It’s located directly behind Universal Studios theme park, across from CityWalk and on the west side of the area known as Port Aventura Plaza.

13. How do I get there?

Get ready to go on some fun adventures with Gotta Go! Land! The park’s location makes it easy to visit — just follow these directions: From Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure, take Route #876 (Magic Kingdom) west to Route #676/I-4 turn-off. Take exit #6A (Gotta Go! Land).

It’s that easy! Once you arrive at the park, proceed to any of the above locations to buy any Gotta Go! Land merchandise and coins, or just buy some fun merchandise and toys at the park’s Gift Shop.

14. When will they be back in stock?

We’ll continue to update this article with new information as we receive it — so please check back soon for more details!  If you have any questions or comments on these coins that weren’t answered here, feel free to contact us. You can also follow us on Facebook , Twitter or Instagram , or search #GottaGoLand on both social networks.


We reported earlier that G999 coins were going to be used at the new Maze of Terror and we now have more information:

(1)   The maze only requires 15 coins purchased in order to gain admission.

(2)   No other rides or games will accept these coins, but keep checking for future changes.

(3)   There is no limit on how many can be purchased, but some rides may require a minimum amount of coins before they can be used.

(4)   These are available at the Gift Shop/concession counter, arcade, ride vending machines and Grab-N-Go Games!

(5)   The park states that there will be “new uses” for these coins in the future.


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