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You’ve probably heard it in a thousand ways, but the message is always the same: don’t waste time. Whether you’re looking to increase your efficiency or just maximize your time, there are so many small things that can add up to big changes for energy elixir graveyard keepers

1. Know what you’re looking at.

When you’re getting a home energy audit, remember that they’ll be measuring the entire house and life in it – not just the solar panels or furnace, air conditioner, water heater, faucet or appliances. If your house has high-efficiency windows, ceramic floors and efficient appliances such as dishwashers and clothes dryers, you can assume you’ll get credit for all of those upgrades when putting together your energy bill. 

2. Take your time and do it right .

Unless it’s an emergency that’s urgent enough to call for quick action , take your time selecting which solar panels to use. Look for the best-performing panels with the highest efficiency ratings. Also, remember that quality solar panels are more efficient and durable than cheap ones. Typically, the price difference between high-quality and low-quality panels is about $0.10 per watt for residential installations. So, don’t waste your time – use good quality solar panels from a qualified solar panel provider!

3. Location , location , location .

Since solar panels can look a bit unsightly, avoid putting them in an area where they’ll be visible from the street or prying eyes. Instead, have them installed on your garage, which is usually not visible to neighbors unless they have a clear shot of the roofs of all adjacent houses in the community. 

4. Consider the sun’s angle.

During the summer, sunlight reaches your home between 5 a.m. and 10 p.m., which varies depending on where you live . However, if you can manage to bury the panels in your yard or garage so they face south, you may be surprised how much solar power you can get from your rooftop!

5. Use a louver .

You may have seen them on top of rooftops or in gardens – little holes that let some of the sun’s rays through to save energy without hurting viewability (i.e., how well-lit it looks). If there is sufficient sun exposure, these louver panels can offer up to 30% more energy than regular ones.

6. Waterproof and shiny.

To make solar panels last longer, you should waterproof them – especially if they’re on your roof. An untrained eye probably won’t notice the panels will be underneath a permanent layer of roofing material, but it’s still a good idea to waterproof your solar system so rainwater doesn’t damage the panels themselves. Also, remember that some of the strongest sunlight is in the early morning and late afternoon – so don’t be surprised if you get a little more than expected!

7. Get rid of your energy bill.

When your system is complete, get yourself a set of monitoring tools so you can keep track of how well your solar panels are performing. For example, a solar panel monitoring system can alert you to any potential problems before they get worse. It can also tell you whether or not a power outage is being caused by the solar panels themselves. 

8. Upgrade or add?

If you’re building or buying a new home, consider ways to increase the efficiency and health of your home without requiring additional solar panels. Adding insulation, installing motion-activated lights in dark areas and using more efficient appliances can all help save you money down the line!  

9. Know when to seek additional assistance .

Even if all your solar panels are working well, if you’re still getting a good amount of money from your system , you can use the excess to pay for some of the costs of setting up a solar energy system. For example, purchasing some equipment that won’t be directly benefiting from solar power may be much less expensive than paying for installation and maintenance on those systems.

10. Don’t just throw it away.

By now, you probably know to keep your solar panels clean, but there’s another important step: taking care of the wires. If a wire is damaged, fix it or replace it – if not, you might find yourself in trouble sooner than you expect! A clean-looking solar panel installation can save you time down the line!


Keep in mind that all of these things are also good for maximizing efficiency as well! Since your solar system is likely to help you save money, don’t waste time using it to its full potential.

How much can you save?

If you’re thinking about going solar, get a solar quote and see how much you can save. Many people who go solar with us are able to slash their utility bills by more than half!

Are you ready to get your savings started?


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