Enhance your study productivity: Tips for online learners.

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” Productivity is the deliberate, strategic, investment of your time, talent, intelligence, energy, resources, and opportunities in a manner calculated to move you measurably closer to meaningful goals.” – Dan S. Kennedy. 

Productivity in the lives of the students for achieving and accomplishing effective education and other academic goals is very important. Online teaching platforms are increasing and growing rapidly in the educational sector. For some students, managing to be productive here is slightly difficult. Being focused and following the right plan of action will be beneficial in this regard. 

Tips to increase productivity for online learners 

By following some right and very effective actions, students can enhance their productive skills while learning from home as well. Let us discuss these tips one by one in detail. 

1. Set short term study goals

” Dream big dreams, but never forget that realistic short-term goals are the key to your success.” – Mac Aderson. 

In order to enhance your study productivity, students must study in short sessions. This means completing your tasks on an everyday basis and not doing a big amount of tasks for a longer period. Short-term goals are easy to achieve and once a student achieves them he or she is motivated and energetic to enhance their productivity for a longer run. For this, students should study daily and not only when the exams are hitting the door. After completing your everyday online classes, take a short break for resting, and after that revise and learn whatever is done in the class. This will enhance the productivity of study and also the quality of online teaching.

2. Ask your queries 

Clearing your doubts and queries is very important if you want to increase the quality of your studies and performance on an online teaching platform. When students don’t clear their queries, it keeps piling them and affects your class performance, exam score, and proper understanding of the content. Also if you don’t get clarity and solutions for your doubts, it leads to confusion and complications about the topics. Confusion leads to misconception and this ultimately affects your productivity of studying and performing well. 

To avoid this issue, students must speak up in the class and ask their doubts from the teachers. An instructor is there to help you out. This will also boost the student-teacher interaction and teachers will also be elated to see students studying, communicating, and engaging actively in the online classroom. 

3. Review your notes after every class

For increasing productivity and performance in academics, students should review and revise the notes and pointers that they make after every class. One thing that all online learners should remember is that even online teaching study material, but writing and making notes of the topics and subjects should never be avoided. When we write and jot down the pointers, we get a better understanding of the subject. Memorization and learning also become easy. After writing, memorizing the same thing for a longer period can be achieved. This also helps students to know what is important and what must be learned thoroughly as per the paper’s point of view. Your short memory is boosted into a long-run memory which is extremely essential for effective learning and growth of the learners in the online classes.  Review your notes after every class and then match them with the study material available. This will make sure that you are linked with your studies every day. It is a great adaptability to enhance your learning process in online classes. 

4. Make sure: proper access of study material 

For online learners, it is important to check that they have proper access to the study material. This means that you should make sure that you have a proper login and access to the educational app or online teaching site which you have to use.  Appropriate access to the information and study material is important to enhance the study productivity of the learners. The online content is also sent to the respective mail addresses of the students or also on the WhatsApp official groups created by the teachers. If in any case, you are not receiving the proper information and material to study, contact the authorities or the respective subject teachers. Inappropriate access to the study material bothers the smooth functioning and productivity of the learning. 

Also check that you are receiving the proper notifications and access to the modules, lectures, presentations, and other study material for doing effective studies on online teaching platforms. 

5. Stay away from distractions. 

To enhance your productivity and engagement more towards studies and your online classes, staying away from distractions is very important. Social media sites are one of the main reasons for distractions in studies. The popping of notifications, continuous messages, and also the curiosity to keep checking it is very diverting and distracting. To enhance their quality of learning and studying, students must practice detox from these social networking sites, or if not a proper detox then try to avoid devoting too much time to it. Focus and concentration are very important to increase your study efficiency and productivity. 

When students stay away from distractions, their time management skills are improved. Increased time management skills increase the academic performance of the learners. Other than avoiding excessive use of social media, students must also develop a proper study space for themselves that is quiet, well equipped, and engaging towards taking proper online classes. Appropriate study space will surely be free of distractions and this will help learners in enhancing their academic productivity. 


 Students must follow the above-mentioned tips and plans to increase and enhance their productivity and performance in studies and academics. Effectiveness is the key to achieving your academic goals and objectives of online learning. Adapting and following these tips properly with full dedication and focus will surely help online learners to enhance their performance and productive working skills.


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