Although the show is set in Connecticut, Rory and Logan meet in New York City. They are introduced by Logan’s father, who explains that Rory’s mother worked for him and had recently died. He wanted to introduce her daughter to his son to cheer her up. Although they are both grieving and have not yet found a new path in life, they quickly fall in love.

The reason this is important is that without meeting each other, Rory would never be able to move on with her life; she would forever stay stuck in the town where she grew up but had lost nearly all of her family and friends around her age group too early on due to death or moving away for college/job opportunities. Rory and Logan meet is a chance encounter, but it is still the one thing that sets everything in motion. It was the catalyst that changed Rory’s life forever and gave it direction.

Explanation On Why Rory And Logan Meet Is Important :

1. Without meeting Logan, Rory would be completely directionless in life.

Because she grew up in Star Hollow and lost the majority of her friends too early on due to death or leaving, Rory is basically left with no one left to connect with who she grew up with. Without the support of her family, friends and community when she needs it most, Rory is forced to start over all over again at a new high school. The only thing that remains constant throughout this time is Logan; every summer he comes back to town and sees her. This gives her something to look forward to when her life feels like it’s never going to get better.

2. Rory’s love for Logan was what got her through high school and college.

For four straight years, Rory dated Logan, which meant that she spent a lot of time with him. Every summer he comes back to town, they spend a lot of time together. They both grow closer and closer every single year; they share an entire adult life together as they reunite after graduating High School and begin their adult lives together as well. The fact that they were able to grow so close over the course of four years, even after they break up, shows how true and real their relationship is.

3. Logan is the only person Rory has ever really grown up with.

Everyone else who she had close connections and relationships with in high school moves on before she does, but not Logan. He comes back every summer after high school to see Rory and stay in town for a few months before leaving again. Even when he goes away for college at Yale, he always returns for a few months every year to stay in town in order to see Rory.

4. Rory spends a big part of her life with Logan and grows a lot with him.

While they are together, Rory feels comfortable and safe. She feels like she can be herself around him, even if it means being more of “the mother” in their relationship instead of the more traditional “the wife” role that women normally take on in adult relationships. Logan encourages this behavior from her by always telling her how proud he is of her for going to Harvard, which she does not get much encouragement from anyone else close to her about this decision. In fact, Logan is the only person who sees how hard Rory works for her degree and always tells her that she is more than smart enough to do whatever she wants with her life.

5. When they finally break up, they are still good friends.

When they break up, it is not the end of their relationship. They remain good friends and eventually get back together again when Rory moves back to Star Hollow after college begins. They have a second chance at their relationship and both of them realize that it’s time for them to move on with their lives together after they each graduate from college and get married.

6. They have four years to fall in love.

When they first meet, they actually start off as just “friends”. Rory is not interested in any other boys, so she spends most of her time hanging out with Logan and trying to get over her broken heart. After a while though, she starts liking him more and more and eventually falls for him completely. This is the time when their relationship develops into true love, even though neither one of them knows it yet!

7. Theirs was the first real love story Rory ever experienced up until this point in her life.

When her mother died, Rory grew up too fast. She became more of a parent than a child to her father and grandparents, and they rely on her heavily for help around the house. When she meets Dean in season one of flashbacks, Rory is so happy because it’s the first time she’s met someone who doesn’t see her just as his teacher or his mother figure.


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