Finding Some of the Top-Rated Federally Licensed ‘Enrolled Agents’ in your City is Easy No

Enrolled Agents

Well, thanks to the effort of US accounting agencies like Ageras, now it is all the more easier to find an “Enrolled Agent” that is federally licensed, certified and approved. Any matters related to corporate or individual taxation, these are the guys that perfectly match your job requirement and criteria. EAs are highly qualified tax professionals that clear a rigorous examination administered by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), before getting certified as Enrolled Agents. In other words, they are referred to as Tax Experts in true sense. They are like Godfather figures, when it comes to understanding, handling and professionally maintaining tax related issues of any company, organization or individual. So, how to easily and effortlessly find one such professional?

Now, with the help of a corporate accounting and business taxation outsourcing service finder like Ageras, the process of getting access to one such tax professional or firm has become really easy and simple. As a recipient of service or customer, you simply need to visit Ageras’ official website and fill-in an online form, mentioning in detail about your entity and your specific service requirements. Obviously, if you’re looking for licensed Enrolled Agents, it has to be only about taxation related matters. Within 48 hours of filling in the online application form, you receive 3 ‘non-binding’ or ‘no obligation’ quotes that are 100% FREE, regarding EAs in your city or region. You can always compare them with other service providers, and choose one that best suits your job role. This is how the overall process works. It cannot be anything simpler.

How Ageras Helps in Searching for an Enrolled Agent

Ageras is a popular online platform for finding professionals related to taxation, accounting, audit, bookkeeping, payroll services, income tax return filing & financial consulting; it is therefore a credible way of getting access to leads, which is in the form of competitive quotes. Here, on its official company website, you can easily fill up an application form, mentioning all your service requirements in detail. Within a couple of days, you get 3 FREE quotes that are absolutely ‘non-binding’ in nature. Simply, compare them with other local service providers or entities in your region, and select any one that precisely matches your job specification or role. In fact, they match your profile in a manner, so that you’re able to find the perfect Enrolled Agent (EA) for your business organization or company.

Who is An Enrolled Agent?

An ‘Enrolled Agent’ (EA) is an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) certified professional that has mastered the subject of corporate or business taxation. In fact, they are specialized in tax laws and are fully authorized to represent taxpayers before the IRS. They are fully recognized in all fifty odd states in the US, and are authorized to work with any client that wants taxation related advice, consultation and yearly tax preparation assistance. Federal tax laws and rules are extremely complicated. Going on your own can be painstaking, cumbersome, time-intensive and immensely stressful. So, why not find an enrolled agent near me or you that can be your dedicated tax service agent. Whether it is about yearly tax preparation, filing returns, tax consultancy, tax fraud or IRS investigation; they are the ones that can be of immense help.

One such professional manages the full tax related services of corporate entities, as well as private individuals. EAs also perform tax audits, tax collection and tax appeals on behalf of their clients. Any kind of taxation relates issues pertaining to income, property, real estate, inheritance assets, gifts, payroll, expenditure and returns, they’re the experts. An enrolled agent helps prepare yearly taxes for private individuals, entities, corporate, organizations, NGOs and partnership firms. In fact, they’re best suited for advising clients on IRS audits, managing taxes, preparing books, and more. And, being a certified tax specialist and authorized by Internal Revenue Service (IRS), EAs perfectly suited for advisory roles, when a client is at a conflict of interest with the IRS, in matters related to tax disputes.

How Enrolled Agents Help a Business or an Entity?

Firstly, they assist clients during an IRS investigation. Since EAs are fully aware of the nitty-gritties of IRS functioning, they provide full advice, assistance and guidance in how to effectively deal with an audit-like situation and how to answer complex tax questions. But, if the IRS investigation takes a criminal turn, in that case you need to consult a tax attorney. Secondly, during the process of an Internal revenue Service audit, if you’ve claimed false deductions or have underreported your yearly revenue or income, in such a scenario an Enrolled Agent can come to the rescue act, by providing the necessary guidance. Lastly, when the taxes have not been paid to the federal revenue department for a long time, an IRS authorized agent can help in significantly reducing your penalties. Since they are well aware of the IRS regulations, an EA can help find out ways where you do not have to pay any penalties.

Who Requires the Services of Enrolled Agents?

All business organizations, corporate entities, companies, firms and individuals that earn a taxable income and file returns with the government need the services of an Enrolled Agent. In cases where companies receive an IRS notice regarding tax debt, an EA can provide the most professional guidance. Such certified and authorized tax professionals can help a company understand how taxes are calculated and also assist you in determining which all business expenditures are deductible from your taxes, after you’ve formed a registered company. As EAs are fully aware of federal tax laws and IRS regulations, they can be a perfect assistance for all small and midsize businesses that want a professional consultancy.


The services of Enrolled Agents are essential for any organization or individual that wants to have a proper management of their tax files. As an EA is a federally authorized tax professional or a tax expert, their services are vital for any business organization that earns revenue, maintains a tax record, file returns and wants to avail a seamless tax filing procedure. So, you need to look for the services of one such government certified corporate tax expert near you, with the help of agencies like ‘Ageras’ that provide you with some of the most competitive business quotes and leads regarding enrolled agents (EAs) near you.


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