Board games have been around for a very long time – in fact, they were invented in ancient times when people wanted to play games and were not satisfied with the then-current offerings. Ever since then, people have created a whole host of different types of games to fit every mood. You’ve probably played card or dice games before, but did you know about chess? There are many different types that you may never have even heard of! Ondispot photos  are a great opportunity to get a better look at all of these games, which is why we are dedicating this entry to the five most popular. 

Board games have been around for centuries. But this isn’t just old people’s stuff. Popular board games are experiencing a major renaissance, especially in the US, Europe, and Asia. A quick search on Kickstarter will turn up hundreds of game projects looking for funding.

There are five facts about board games that nobody told me about. Firstly, chess is an ancient game that has been played for centuries in different cultures all over the world. It is believed to be over 2000 years old and is played on a board that has 64 squares. You start with 16 pieces, all of them different, and your objective is to capture the king of the other player.

Five Facts That Nobody Told You About Board Games :

1. Ajedrez

The Spanish word for chess is ajedrez. The game is so popular that it has become the national sport of Spain, and the Madrid Chess Federation was founded in 1886. The official governing body of chess in Spain is known as the Real Federación Española de Ajedrez (RFEC) which was established at the same time. 

This governing body organizes events such as tournaments and has also been part of international events such as Chess Olympiad, which happened in Baku in 2016. It is believed that Spain became one of the most powerful nations on earth because people started playing the game in the 9th century! The popularity of this game surely has a lot to do with it.

2. Exciting Facts About Chess

Moving your pieces is not the only option to make a move when playing chess. It also allows you to move your king as well as all of your pieces! The game is so popular that even people who do not play chess can tell you more about this game! You will be amazed at how many different rules there are when it comes to the game of chess, which is why it’s key to keep up-to-date with the latest news and information about this fascinating game. One major factor that makes chess so great is the fact that there are never any draws in this game, unlike most other games.

3. History Of Chess

The first documentation about chess dates back to 400 AD, and the game is believed to have originated in India. People started playing this game, and then it spread from there all over the world. The name of this game comes from an Arab word “Sasan” which means “King’s Council” and it later got adapted into chess in Europe and other parts of the world. Although chess has been played all over the world, it is becoming increasingly popular in China as well. About 10 million people play this game on a competitive level!

4. The Rules Of Chess

The rules of chess are extremely easy to learn, yet it is difficult to master this game. However, there are many people who are able to reach such a level of mastery that they are able to beat the world’s top players. There are around 200 steps in order to complete one game of chess, so it can get really long – most games last for more than an hour! The rules themselves depend on how you want to play the game and how complicated you want it to be – some people prefer playing a fast-paced game of chess while others like taking their time and enjoying the process.

5. How To Play Chess

Of course, you can actually play chess online . However, you can also enjoy playing the game in a more traditional way where you sit down and play. You get a board, a timer and pieces. There are many different types of chess to choose from when it comes to the game pieces. One of the most popular is the tetris-inspired pieces called “chess mice”. Of course, there are so many other options! The most popular piece is the “king” that takes up one space on the board and all other pieces must touch him at some point in order to move forward.


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