Today we are going to tell you about the pros and cons while working as a freelancer. 

Pros and cons of freelancing

Pros while working as a freelancer:


Peace is what many citizens value. No more nervous customers who will bother you and ask different questions. 

Work at home.

What could be better than working in cozy home pajamas with a fragrant cup of tea? You no longer need to spend time on the road and communicate with unpleasant colleagues because you will work at home, in a comfortable environment, close to your loved ones.

It doesn’t matter where you live.

If salary is important for you, you will experience that salary is much higher in large cities than in small cities. This is the biggest disadvantage of regular work because the salary depends on where you are employed. As for freelancing, it doesn’t matter where you live. You get paid solely for your abilities.

The sky is the limit.

This is the most enjoyable thing for a freelancer. It should be noted at once that the level of income here is unlimited. Your earnings will depend on what kind of work you do. In some areas, payment depends on the amount of work performed, while in others on quality.

Ability to combine work and travel.

Some may think that you can’t work and travel at the same time. Everything is real if you work as a freelancer. All you need to work is a computer or laptop with internet access and some free time.

Individual work schedule.

You can decide how many days a week you will work and when you will go on vacation. You can wake up and go to bed at a convenient time for you.

Cons while working as a freelancer:

Search for customers.

You have to look for customers all the time. The competition in this area is big, but finding a regular customer is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.


It would be best if you were prepared for the fact that you may experience failure at some point. This will definitely affect your earnings. 

No control.

It is a huge advantage for some, but a big disadvantage for the office workers. If you plan your work schedule by yourself, you can relax and lose productivity. Any work should be scheduled very responsibly. To earn well, you need to control yourself.

Risk of non-payment.

This frightens many novice freelancers who are afraid of wasting time, getting the job done, and not getting paid. It should be noted at once that this happens, but very rarely. To avoid this, you need to look for customers only on proven freelance exchanges.

Necessary equipment.

Everything you need for work you will have to buy by yourself. You will have to arrange the workplace on your own. In the event of a breakdown, no one can quickly fix the problem, and you will have to solve all the problems by yourself as well. In practice, it is enough to buy a personal computer or laptop, which today almost everyone has.

There is no fixed salary.

For many years, many citizens have become accustomed to doing the same type of work and receiving a fixed salary. As for remote work – it isn’t easy to find an employer who will agree to pay a fixed salary.

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