Going To Your First Country Concert? Here’s What To Wear

Country Concert

Country concerts are fun, loud, and a great way to have a fantastic time. The atmosphere is comfortable, and you’ll see that you have a wonderful evening ahead of you. There is music, food, drinks, and more. However, the question that you need to wonder about is what to wear. Most people assume that your go-to gear is boots and a cowboy hat, and in many cases, you would be right. 

There are other factors that you need to consider. Thankfully, we have all the information on what to wear to a country concert so that you fit in from the start. 

Attire For Men And What Will Look Best

Keeping in mind that you’ll be on your feet for hours, you want to keep it simple. A traditional western style will fit nicely and allow you the comfort you need. Boots will be standard, and they pair best with a pair of jeans. Top this off with a T-shirt, or if you tend to get cold, you can try flannel before adding your favorite cowboy hat. If you’re not feeling the first option for the hat, don’t despair. At country concerts, you’ll see men wearing caps as well. 

What To Wear To A Country Concert When It’s Hot?

When you’re wondering what to wear at a country concert, you’ll need to consider the weather. For instance, if it’s hot, you’ll find that men are sporting shorts but still keep their cowboy boots. Others choose not to do this as they can feel that it clashes, but most agree that this is a good choice. If it’s cold, you can choose to take advantage of a piece of flannel. It works because it gives you the country vibe while letting the chill of the air avoid your skin. 

What To Wear If You’re A Woman

The attire for women is similar to men, but with a few differences. While many women choose to have a cowboy hat of their own, others prefer to wear a felt hat instead. You’ll also see that you have more options for pants. Boot cut jeans are a great option with plaid or a flowy T-shirt. Cowgirl boots are a must, and you should add your favorite jewelry to make the outfit stand out. You can also choose to have your boots be different colors which offer a great option to make a statement. 

Have A Great Time 

Coming to a country concert is a great experience, and it can be one of the best nights. The tips we have given you above will provide you with a fantastic and well-put-together look that is either casual or elegant. Either way, you’ll be comfortable and fit in the way you want to. Remember, the hat isn’t just a fashion statement to give you a proper look; it will also protect you from the heat and outdoors. Never overlook the hat! You’ll be glad you didn’t know when your face avoids getting burned!

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