I know some people say that they are going to take the good news and the bad news and they are going to put them together and if they work out then they are set for life. Some people say the same thing but it’s not the same. For the rest of us it’s a little different.

I think the meme of the good news and bad news is a great way to start a meme thread, so let’s take a look at how bad the news is.

So we know that the bad news is that the Visionaries are planning to murder Colt, but we don’t know that the good news is that they have succeeded. The good news is that Colt managed to avoid being killed, but we don’t know that the bad news is that he managed to avoid dying. The good news is that he is alive, but the bad news is that he is dying.

It’s a good meme for a lot of reasons. First, it’s a great way to start a meme thread. Also, since it is a good meme, the meme goes viral and spreads like wildfire. It becomes a meme because it is a good meme, so it spreads like wildfire. It is also a great way to get the bad news out there, giving people an outlet for their frustration.

Even if this is a good meme, its still a bad meme because the bad news seems to be the very thing that causes it. The good news is that Colt has been dead for nine months. Even though his death was bad, and no one can prove it, he has been alive for seven months. The bad news is that the death of Colt only happened once, and that his death was not a surprise. A death without a name is a terrible death.

The death of Colt Vahn has been a very sad thing for a lot of people. He was a nice, sweet guy with a great sense of humor. In fact, he was a great guy. So why did it turn out that way? There is no rhyme or reason to this. It is almost as though Colt’s death was some sort of random, cosmic accident. A random, cosmic accident that happened to have the bad, bad luck of never being caught.

When Colt first took part in the first time-looping of Deathloop, no one was surprised he was on the party island, so he was a nice, sweet guy with a great sense of humor. It’s also possible that the party island is his main escape route, so he wasn’t actually on the party island.

Turns out its a whole lot of random bad luck to be having, and the fact that we cant remember exactly how it happened still makes it seem as though we never actually get to see the island, even though we see it.

Deathloop’s last day is the second of October, so that leaves us with several weeks left to wait before we can take our next steps in the storyline. Even though we don’t really get to see much of anything this time around, we’ll most certainly see more of Colt and his friends. I’m pretty excited about the prospect of seeing more of the island, as well as his friends.

Deathloop may or may not be on the island, but it looks like the island is pretty much the same as it is now. The only change is that the visionaries have managed to keep it locked into one repeating day so they can piss about for eternity. It’s still a pretty dull island.


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