Heavy Coin Purse | Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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The most sought-after “screenshot for social media” in Sekiro will certainly involve the character’s most prized possession: the coin purse. Actually, I think the game would be just as interesting if you could carry around an unlimited number of coins, but it seems that developer FromSoftware had other ideas.

The coin purse can be found in the first area after leaving the Shichishu Hanako’s Gatehouse: a fire-damaged building with one of those rusty gates at the entrance. Inside, you’ll find a single coin purse, sitting on top of some rocks.

At first I was pretty disappointed. After all, there were so many things left to be discovered and recovered in this game, and such a seemingly small thing weighs your inventory down. However, it is something important to note when trying to collect everything you can throughout sekiro coin purse .

Heavy Coin Purse | Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice :

1. You should always try to never have a coin purse in your inventory. 

This way, you won’t have to worry about it weighing you down and making you move slower, which is a problem if you need to make a quick escape. It also leaves one less inventory slot for potential goodies you might find lying around.

2. The importance of the coin purse’s weight depends on your current situation. 

If you just escaped from an encounter and are trying to put distance between yourself and the enemy, the coin purse’s weight will not matter as much as it would if you were trying to fight your way through a crowd of enemies. 

This is due to how encumbrance is calculated in Sekiro: it only takes into account what items you currently have equipped, while also making sure that they’re used in ways that make sense for their class (i.e., heavy armor-type items will weigh more than other items).

By extension, this means that you can swap out the coin purse for other items if you’re in a situation where you need to move quickly. If your encumbrance gets too high and starts to affect your ability to dodge, then you’ll need to drop some weight–preferably a large item that won’t be missed.

3. The coin purse is an extremely valuable tool when it comes to exploration. 

Whenever I enter a new area without the coin purse, I always have the “I’m here first” mentality. I get into the habit of exploring my surroundings and finding the treasure that’s right in front of me. This means that I don’t usually run away through traps and instead just look around. The coin purse’s existence changes this mindset by reminding me that there’s more to be found, which encourages exploration.

Whenever I find a new area, I make sure to have at least one coin purse, even if it isn’t full. The weight can be shared with other items if necessary (i.e., if you grab a key on top of a pile of corpses and need to carry around an item as well). However, it is better not to do so as the weight reduction will be less effective.

4. The coin purse is also a tool for item collection.

Meaning that you can use it in combination with other items to increase your chances of finding things in the environment. For example, if a bandit has dropped an item and you want to pick them up but don’t want to get hit by their traps, you can put the coin purse on top of those traps and then pick them up with your Blood Vials. This is especially effective when dealing with the floating torches that deal poison damage, which will be covered later on.

5. You can use the coin purse as a “test item” when returning to areas that you’ve already been to. 

When you’re backtracking, you also have the option to collect all the items that are on the ground as soon as you enter an area. In Sekiro, this means more than just picking up your fallen items, but you can also equip an item in your hands and then enter a new area where it will be used in some way:

In general I do not recommend using this method due to the weight penalty (you’ll have more coins in your pockets), but it’s useful for collecting treasure that’s already lying around in areas where otherwise you’d have no chance of finding it.

6. It’s best to only use one coin purse if possible. 

You can split the weight between two, but it’s more efficient to carry around just one. In Sekiro, this is usually a good idea when you’re trying to avoid getting hit by something; otherwise, you’ll have at least one coin purse in your inventory but will be encumbered. Also note that if you have full inventory slots but only one coin purse, then the weight of your others items are not reduced according to their weight class.

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