What’s in a name? Plenty, when it comes to dragons! This article will go through a variety of red dragon names. Some of these names are some examples that the author had found while some are from stories and legends. Red dragons can be quite fearsome creatures, but they’re also wise and noble, so their name should suit them. We hope this article will help you choose the perfect name for your dragon!

1. The Elements of a Name –

 Your dragon’s name should have to have an elemental description. The element consists of the following:

a) The first letter should start with an R and end in a consonant.

b) The second letter should be E and it can be followed by the letter A and a consonant, or the letter E can be followed by Y and a consonant, or it can end with the letter A.

c) The third letter will be D regardless of which letters follow the second one.

d) The last three letters will be N, C, T or S(that means two different letters or two of the same). A name that follows this formula is Raganderrkin.

2. The Race –

The dragon races are determined by the elements of the name, so if your dragon has a fire elemental name, then it will be a fire dragon. Likewise, the thunder, water and storm dragons. However, all dragons have almost exactly the same personalities. They are all very wise and noble in nature(with good intentions), so they’re very hard to anger. 

Dragons can be quick to judge though, but even then they do it with high intelligence and are quite up-front with their thoughts/judgments. Although they may seem rushed in their decisions/thoughts at times because they’re always on the go and can get confused and distracted easily because of that.

3. The Color –

Red is the predominant color associated with dragons, so it should follow that the dragon’s name will be Red as well. If red is not your dragon’s element, then it can be another color or even a combination of colors. For example, a red and black dragon may be called Sillith or Sinnathur. A white or pinkish red dragon would be called Dromathur or Dromaslin(both names but spelled differently).

 If your dragon has a blue-green, gold, silver or violet elemental name then that would also need to follow the same color rules as stated above in section 2 and 3. If your dragon has an elemental name with a mixture of colors, then it should have the appropriate color(s) associated with the element.

4. The Size –

There is no universal size standard for a red dragon; however, they do tend to be large and long-lived. They range from about 3-4 to 6-7 meters long depending on the species. The most common size is about 6-7 meters long, with wingspans ranging from about 2 to 4 meters across, but can be much larger or smaller than that depending on the type.

 They are usually medium sized with many species having a slight variation from their average size. They have blunt heads, curved backs and sharp claws. Their tails are almost always long(being around 10-15 meters) and that is where their name derives from. Their scales, claws and fangs are very sharp.

5. The Personality –

Red dragons can be quite terrifying creatures and that is very apparent in their names, but most of them are very wise and peaceful creatures as well. They’re not particularly aggressive unless they’re defending themselves or the ones they love or those who show them respect, but they can be quite intimidating if they feel threatened or angered. They’re very noble creatures and often times that is even more so when they are defending their loved ones. They are also very strict and opinionated, but will never be overly harsh on another unless they need to be corrected. Because of their immense knowledge, though, it is quite possible for them to be taken for granted by those whom they consider friends or family. So if you’re a friend of a red dragon, don’t take them for granted!

6. Famous Name Examples –

a) King Redbeard the Red –

In the story “Redbeard”, a young boy named Jules and his dog Rusty travel to see King Redbeard after hearing stories and tales of his bravery. The story is based upon a real dragon who came to be known as King Redbeard in the future. His real name is Reydor, but he prefers that name to be only used in formal situations, so most people call him King Redbeard. Games such as “Age of Empires II” were based on his stories of his life and his adventures.

b) Sillith –

Silloth is the dragon that was introduced in “Dragonflight ”. She lived in an isolated place with her brother(which was her mate). Her name was chosen because the dragons had to have a red name and ‘S’ are always found at the end of dragon names.


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