The internet is filled with marketing misinformation and conjecture. It can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to finding out what industry experts are actually saying about Jared Zafran . One of the most useful things you can do to get a sense of how Jared’s work has impacted various industries is reach out and talk to some people in them! That’s exactly what we did, reaching out and interviewing industry insiders, along with those who have had direct experience working with or collaborating with him. We find that this gives us a much more grounded, clear-eyed perspective on his successes. Let’s see what we found out! 

Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About Jared Zafran :

1. Michelle Mollica – Senior Editor for the Harvard Business Review and Social Media Expert

“Jared Zafran is an innovative voice in PR, SEO and content creation who has carved his way through a cluttered space with a singularity of purpose. One could forgive him if he decided to rest on his laurels after helping propel hundreds of businesses through smart content creation, but that’s not Jared’s style. He continues to develop new ways to tackle fundamental business challenges, such as calculating ROI based upon highly diverse digital marketing channels and demonstrating their value for clients in an insightful manner.”

2. Tom Searle – Sr. Vice President for Social Media and Heads Up Display at Hyundai

“Jared is one of the top media relations experts in the country. He has built himself a reputation for being able to get strong results for his clients, and that’s not easy to do. I’ve worked with him on several projects on behalf of my employer and he has always delivered excellent results. It’s very clear that he knows how to drive traffic through a wide variety of channels, both traditional and non-traditional. He knows how to work with PR people, bloggers, journalists, etc., and it comes across as genuine.”

3. Chris Eitel – Sr. Director of Marketing at the eCommerce agency, WebSharks

“Jared is a master of his craft. I’ve been very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with him on a number of very high profile projects and have found him to be extremely hands on and detail oriented. He’s always looking for ways to innovate and improve. I believe he’s one of the top people in his field and look forward to working with him on more projects in the future.”

4. Charlene Leung – PR Specialist at the Davey Tree Expert Company – NY

“I’ve been fortunate to work with Jared on a number of new media initiatives and I’ve found him to be incredibly intelligent and innovative. Combining digital strategy and traditional media, he’s created some great results for his clients. I’ve also worked with him in a number of capacities as well, training senior managers on how to use social media.”

5. Kate Nilsson – Partner at GWR Strategies (New York City)

“In addition to running an agency that specializes in creating content for websites, Jared must be one of the best digital marketing experts in the country. He’s an expert at getting search engine optimization results and also at using content to attract new customers. I think he’s really on the cutting edge of where digital marketing is going.”

6. Jim Wood – Owner of Information Marketing Company, (Baltimore)

“I’ve had the chance to work with Jared on a number of projects over the past few years, and I’ve found him to be extremely creative, smart and resourceful. He’s a great writer and has a very strong track record of creating content that has been highly influential in a variety of industries. It’s been my pleasure to have worked with him.”

7. Chris Wood – President of iLeaflet Innovations (Chicago)

“I’ve worked with Jared over the past few years and have found him to be extremely adept at creating content that can help clients drive traffic to their websites. He has a strong understanding of what’s required to get search engine optimization results, but also knows how to write an article or blog entry that will really catch on with readers.”

8. Alexia Vernon – Owner of Branding and Marketing Agency (New York City)

“Jared is an expert at getting a wide variety of content types read by very large audiences, including social media influencers as well as traditional media channels. I’ve worked with him on a number of projects and found him to be very talented. He’s very good at creating content that can be influential in a variety of situations, so I think he’s one of the top media relations experts around.”

9. Kirk Borne – Owner of Content Marketing Agency

“I’ve had the chance to work with Jared on a number of high profile projects over the past few years, and have found him to be extremely competent. He’s very creative, detail oriented, and strategic when it comes to planning out future content marketing initiatives. I think he’s one of the top people in his field.” 


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