Technology has become the lifeblood of modern society, a rapid advancement in communication and information that has saved lives in countless ways. And while many people have found the Internet to be a place of convenience and learning, others would argue that it is one of the greatest contributors to mental health disorders and dining table craigslist. There are some who are so preoccupied with their online lives that they have resorted to online social anxiety or crippling depression just so they can “take a break”. If you’re struggling with these symptoms or know someone who is, please heed this blog post on how modern lifestyle saved my life.

Ways that modern lifestyle has saved my life:

1. This post: 

The most common symptom that this blog has cured was my internet addiction. Before learning about the “internet addicted” concept, I felt like I couldn’t live without my computer. Everything revolved around my computer and smartphone, from talking on the phone to playing games or watching videos. I was constantly on it and very rarely taking breaks from it. But since learning about this disease, I have realized that I am not addicted to technology but rather society’s dependence on it. This blog forced me to reflect on how technology has become detrimental in our lives and that we cannot rely on our computer 24/7 as an escape from reality like we do now in modern society.

2. Entertainment:

The Internet has saved me from boredom wherever I go, whether I’m in a lecture hall or eating out with friends. Before, my friends and I would have to find other ways to entertain ourselves when we’re bored, like playing games or using our imagination to create stories (an important skill that many children lack today). But now we can just whip out our phones and use the most advanced computer on earth! We can instantly watch anything we want and learn anything about anything within seconds. And depending on how popular it is, we can all discuss it with strangers from around the world at the same time!

3. Church:

The Church has always been a safe place for me to go, especially when I was younger. There were countless times where I would go to church and felt so comfortable that my anxiety doesn’t cause me to be struck with fear every time I enter. And as a teenage boy, church can also be a place where you’re forced to spend time with your friends, thus giving you new opportunities to bond with one another. You do not have this circle of social interaction at home or in school, which is why the internet has replaced it as the main source of entertainment…yet again.

4. Love:

The internet has not only made me more knowledgeable, but it has also made me a better speaker, writer, and debater thanks to the limitless information I have at my disposal. You can use this knowledge to make you appear smarter and more articulate when it counts! And if you want to meet your future spouse, the internet is an unparalleled resource for finding them. Not only can you search for potential partners through dating apps such as Tinder or OK Cupid, you also get to talk with them and get a sense of their personalities before even meeting in person! 

5. Education:

The internet is truly the best teacher out there because it never sleeps nor do its lessons end. You can use it to learn from the world’s greatest minds and the brightest minds in your class to show everyone that you’re more knowledgeable than them. You can also use it to teach your peers about their weaknesses, show them what they’re weak at and make sure that they excel in those areas.

One last thing…

I’m not saying that technology is bad! I’m in fact very excited when there are new technological advances being made everyday. But we must keep in mind that there are some downsides to our modern lifestyle as well, some of which can be harmful (like cyberbullying). Although I do not have access to any of the technological advances of modern society, the things I’ve listed above have saved my life.

6. Internet :

The internet has saved my life in more ways than I can count and if it wasn’t for modern technology many of the things I would never have been able to do or experience. For example, I wouldn’t have been able to attend college because even though I was accepted, there would be no way for me to get there or learn how to study. And even if I did manage to get there, the internet lays out so many opportunities for me that I would never be able to live a normal life. For example, when people are depressed (which is becoming an epidemic in society today) all they do is lock themselves in their room and take hours out of their day to play games and watch videos on Youtube.

Conclusion of the article:

Technology has become such a massive part of our lives that it was impossible to imagine a world without it. But we must make sure to use technology correctly and not get too immersed in it (not everything can be solved with technology).


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