Divorce is a complex legal case that in the time of social media – the way it works might be surprising. Even though it could be a secluded area where one could purely complain or share updates online, anything you post can be considered evidence in court. Social media’s influence on your divorce process is highlighted here, and why talking to a Salt Lake City divorce attorney will be the experience to learn more about social media’s impact in the internet age.

Is it possible to take social media posts to the courtroom?

Yes, absolutely. All Social media posts, pictures, and even messaging, can be submitted as evidence, therefore being subpoenaed as well. Judges can use information regarding the abuse when determining child custody, alimony, and property division.

Do social media posts pose a risk to my case?

There are a lot of ways social media can negatively impact your divorce:

Finances:  Bragging about a recent holiday or expensive buy which is relatively contrary to the claims of financial difficulties during talks family support and support for a spouse would not be appropriate.

Child Custody:  Some pictures may suggest negligence or irresponsibility on the part of the presented lifestyle which can have negative effects on getting primary custody.

Credibility:  If you complain or insult your spouse online, you can appear unsophisticated or too hot-tempered to others.

Adultery:  Social media a friend other than your spouse then can be used as defilement evidence.

In the Digital Age the Control of Social Media Misconduct: What Are the Legal Issues?

Social media misconduct during a divorce process involves legal risks of getting into a big predicament. This involves bashing your spouse with vulgar voicemails, invading their privacy, secretly tapping or intercepting confidential communications, or violating the court rules of privacy and confidentiality. 

These steps can happen with sanctions, payments, or even the final divorce agreement. Having the right legal knowledge of the consequences and carrying intelligence with social media use is essential in taking care of your interests during divorce procedures.


Social networking sites can quite transform the way the cases of divorce are decided by caring for custody and spousal support issues and providing evidence of misleadings and misdoings. This moderate use pressure is therefore mandatory in maintaining a good sense of the social network from posts. Being attentive towards the way you behave online is a good move since the way you say it or do it can either make it or break it in the end.


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