If you are yet to hear about Harry Potter and the upcoming release of Fantastic Beasts, then you may have been living under a rock the past few months. The excitement for this movie has been overwhelming, with everyone from mom to little sister jumping onto the bandwagon. Even more notably is how diverse the fan-base is with different age groups and genders alike. Fantastic beasts and where to find them 2 auditions for wonderful beasts. Fantastic beasts is a feature of the Harry Potter universe, the movie and book series, and it will be set in New York shortly after World War II. 

The main character, Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne), will be traveling the United States in his magical suitcase to find and document new magical creatures. When he arrives, however, he finds that his briefcase is empty without any of the creatures he had been expecting with him. As a result, he sets off to find some more of these fantastic beasts to fulfill his assignment and discovers a few interesting things along the way that change his life forever.

How To Get People To Like Fantastic Beasts :

1. Diverse Cast

The Harry Potter movies have a big fan base, but for the most part, this is mostly filled with younger girls. With the addition of Eddie Redmayne to the cast, however, the movie has already picked up even more fans. Eddie Redmayne is a well-known actor who has starred in several blockbusters such as “The Theory of Everything” and in award-winning movies like “The Danish Girl”. He is known for his acting talent as well as his great looks. For this movie, he will have to play a magical creature hunter, and many people are excited to see how he will be portrayed in the film.

2. New York Setting

The Harry Potter movies were set in England, and there were a lot of things that made them stand out and separate them from other movies. Being set in New York, however, is setting Fantastic Beasts apart from every other movie out there. It will also allow for the movie to be filmed on location in America instead of somewhere like London which may not give it the same feeling that fans want. Additionally, New York City has a lot of major attractions that will help bring in bigger fans for the movie.

3. Better Storyline

At first glance, the Harry Potter movies were mostly about textbook magic, but over time as the series went on, it became more and more about people and relationships. This is even more noticeable with Fantastic Beasts as it is set in a time in which magic was outlawed. Though this may make many people turn their nose up at the movie, having Eddie Redmayne play Newt Scamander will bring that nice element of human interaction to the story. Fans will want to see how he makes friends with some of these creatures and how he adjusts to life without magic in existence.

4. Stronger Footing

The Harry Potter movies started out strong, and from there the series only grew and gained so much more attention than anyone could have originally imagined. Though it is unlikely that Fantastic Beasts will reach that level of popularity, it will definitely get off to a good start. When you add in the fact that there are 5 more movies to follow this one, it can be expected that more people will take notice of this franchise. Having Eddie Redmayne as a lead in the movie is just one of many things setting this apart from other franchises.

5. It is a Part of the Harry Potter Universe

In addition to having an incredibly popular cast and storyline, Fantastic Beasts will also be connected to the Harry Potter movies. In the movies, Newt Scamander was a character played by Jude Law and he was merely a side character. However, in this movie, Newt will be played by Eddie Redmayne who appeared in all of the Potter movies. This may not seem like a big deal but since you can go anywhere in the universe with these movies, it is important that they connect well. Ultimately this gives more people who do not even like Harry Potter books or films something they can enjoy.

6. It has a Great Cast

Eddie Redmayne is well-known in the industry and he is one of the most likable actors of today. This will help to draw in both Harry Potter fans and fans of his own work. He has been known to play many larger-than-life roles, but he can also be very sensitive and realistic. A great actor is always a nice thing to have on a project and Redmayne will definitely bring plenty of enthusiasm. He has also starred in an award-winning movie, The Theory of Everything , as a patient with cancer as well as another film that received critical acclaim, The Danish Girl .


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