How to Make a Small Business Logo That Stands Out


How are your customers and potential customers going to identify your business? After all, there are many businesses of all sizes vying for the same customers to buy their products, oftentimes similar to yours.

So how do you make customers remember your business and your products over the competition? One way is with better logos for businesses that stand out from the crowd.

If you’re not sure where to start with your new small business logo, here is a quick guide to creating the best logo for your business.

Go Minimalistic

You might be tempted to get as many ideas and images as possible into your logo design. But the truth is that a minimalistic design that’s clever is better than one that’s busy and obvious.

Think simple images, fewer colors, and clean fonts. Keep your logo straightforward and don’t include too many elements. 

Focus on More Than Just Font

The work isn’t done once you’ve chosen a font. Of course, a font can help you communicate your brand, but the truth is that imagery is often more powerful. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put thought into your font.

In many cases, though, you don’t want to have an all-text logo unless you have a short name. If you do want something that’s all text, consider creating a custom font.

Do Initial Research

Before you start your design, you should do research on company logos. Not only can this inspire you, but it’ll also save you from accidentally creating something that’s too similar to another company’s logo.

The last thing you want is to fall in love with a logo design only for it to be kind of taken by another brand.

You should also do research on effective logos within your niche. This is can help you align in the industry so you’re more recognizable to customers.

Where Will You Display Your Logo

Where you display your logo can help you make decisions on the final designs. Consider whether your logo will be in print or digital more often. Think about what social media platforms you plan to use.

Consider details like profile pictures, website headers, and print materials. Also, keep in mind that many customers will probably be looking at their logo on their phones and tablets. So keep logo size in mind. 

Color Variations

You’ve created the perfect logo, but there’s one more step you need to take. Try a few color variations. When designing a logo, ideally, it will have both a light and dark version as well as a color version.

This is so you can use the logo across multiple platforms—like social media, websites, and printed materials—and it still looks clean and prominent. Don’t be afraid to play around with a logo design maker.

Transform Your Small Business Logo

Think of the most memorable logos of businesses, large and small. The first glance of them conjures up images of their products. Just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean your logo can’t do the same.

You can transform your small business logo into one that’s just as eye-catching and memorable as the larger brands. Proper branding is the first key to small business success.

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