If you are considering a brand new nose, you are most certainly not the only one. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, around 220,000 Americans undergo rhinoplasty every single year. When a nose job, you can be confident that you are undergoing a routine, low-risk procedure that thousands of doctors perform every day.

You might be wanting a new nose to improve your confidence, or you might be aiming to reshape your face to better fit your identity. Whatever the reason, it is important to pick the perfect nose shape for you. A perfect nose shape is subjective and depends on the person. That’s why we’re here to help you, with these tips on how to choose the perfect nose for your face. 

1. Symmetry is the Goal with the Perfect Nose Shape

When looking for the perfect shape of the nose, symmetry should be your guiding light. The goal of the nose is to frame the face and balance the features in perfect harmony.

This is how we tend to perceive noses when we meet people for the first time and are assessing whether they are attractive. When you are given choices for the type of nose you can have, consider whether your choice serves this core function of promoting symmetry and harmony. 

2. The Side Profile is Crucial

The perfect nose side profile depends on the person, but it is arguably the most important factor. Patients tend to only focus on how the face looks front-on. However, this is not how people will always see you. Your side profile plays one of the single most important roles in how you are physically perceived by others. That’s why you should always think about how a new nose would affect your side profile. 

3. Functional Concerns Are a Priority

There are many, many problems that people have with their noses

. You might have chronic congestion, or breathing difficulties, or cartilage problems. Oftentimes, these problems are the very reason why people seek out rhinoplasty in the first place.

No matter the reason you want surgery, you have to make sure that the type of nose you choose will not exacerbate any potential health issues. Your doctor will refuse to carry out a procedure if they think there is any risk of health complications as a result. 

4. Choose the Right Surgeon

When choosing the perfect nose, the right surgeon is the most important ingredient. The right doctor will be able to make a quick and accurate decision on the type of nose that best suits your face, based on all of the factors listed above. For this, you need to be selective in your research. Always make sure your rhinoplasty surgery is experienced and has the evidence to back it up.

For example, the rhinoplasty surgery by Dr. Mentz website offers detailed photos of previous happy customers, as well as full evidence of their bona fides. This is what you should be looking for if you want to end up with the perfect nose. 

Beauty Hacks for 2021 and Beyond 

Knowing how to choose the perfect nose shape can help you to find the look you want in 2021 and beyond. For more everyday beauty tips that can help you be more confident and satisfied, we are here to help. You can check out our extensive fashion and beauty articles to learn more. 


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