The gaming industry is changing with time due to development in technology. This multi-billion industry is also increasing. Earlier, many players enjoy video games as a hobby. But, now there are video games available that also allow you to earn money. People are enjoying blockchain games and earning NFTs and cryptocurrencies as rewards. Blockchain is an immutable digital ledger of transaction data. Blockchain is used in the gaming sector as a payment mechanism for game purchases. The in-game rewards like coins, skins, weapons, and more can be used as digital assets through blockchain technology. Also, you can trade the in-game items for real money.

Now, players can enjoy play-to-earn games that deal in crypto assets. Many players can also use characters in the games as NFTs and later sell them for profits. Many crypto enthusiasts are showing their interest in blockchain games. A cryptocurrency game is best to earn some digital assets. Blockchain games are also making many profits and are in discussions everywhere. If you are also interested in playing the best blockchain game, you are at the right place. Nowadays, everyone is talking about the blockchain game named SolChicks. In this article, we will tell you how you can play this play-to-earn game:

About SolChicks

SolChicks is a Solana blockchain game, and you have to play as a SolChick warrior against the enemies, the SolFox. There are SolChicks characters that are also the NFTs that players can purchase and sell with others. Players also get rewards as they participate in the missions of the game. SolChicks has its token known as $CHICK. This Solana blockchain game has received good attention from the people. Also, everybody loved the gameplay of this blockchain game. You have to take care of your virtual pet SolChick and raise its level in this game. The game has two modes: PvP and Raids.

There are more than 50 employees of the SolChicks game. The team members of this blockchain game have experience working on numerous blockchain projects. Companies like Labs, Unanimous Capital, Fundametal Labs, Blocore, KV Ventures, and many more have already invested in this game. Also, the demo version of the SolChicks game has got a huge success. The alpha version of the SolChicks game will arrive in the first quarter. In the coming times, players can participate in the P2P battles. Also, selected players get the chance to be a part of the Battle of the SolFox Challenge. 

How SolChicks Works

SolChicks are the central characters who are fated to be warriors. You have to take care of your SolChick. Players have to bond with these adorable Chickens by playing, feeding, and taking care of them. You will receive rewards after winning battles and having the high level of your SolChick. Players have to participate in PvP battles and raids to win the in-game assets like $CHICKS. In the PvP mode, your SolChicks have to fight enemies in team battles to earn experience and rewards. Players have to team up in raids to fight with dangerous monsters. You have to invest your time in the game to get in-game assets. 

Also, players have to collect characters as NFTs and store them in a digital wallet. You have to breed your SolChicks, and you will also get other NFTs. Players can advance their SolChicks through 60 levels, from a Tutorial, through Fledgling and Progression, and Endgame. There are many advantages of playing the SolChicks game. This game is a metaverse where you can battle, collect and raise your pets. So, you will get an excellent experience in this game. Also, you will get an opportunity to make money by playing the game. SolChicks is one of the popular games on the Solana blockchain.

Earn Money With SolChicks

There are a total of 10,000 SolChicks, and each one is unique. So, each player is the owner of an NFT SolChick in this game. You have to purchase two SolChicks to start this game. After that, you will get many opportunities to make money through this game. You can sell the NFTs on various marketplaces. The price of the NFTs is based on the rarity of the SolChicks. Players can trade the SolChicks NFTs on the platforms like Solanart, DigitalEyes, Solshop, Solsea, MagicEdene, and FTX US. Also, players can breed two SolChicks and earn special NFTs. The price of these SolChicks NFTs will depend on the status of the parents in the SolChicks meta-universe.

Apart from NFTs, players will get more rewards by completing battles and quests in this game. You have to invest your time and effort to raise your level in the game. Players get rewards for their performance in the game. Also, all the players are ranked as per their level and achievements. You will also receive $CHICKS tokens for your performance. There are also SolCoins that players use to enhance their gameplay. So, SolChicks is the best NFT blockchain game by which you can make money.

Play SolChicks Online

So, players have to visit the official site of the SolChicks and play their demo version. Select the ‘Play our Game Demo’ option, and then you have to make your profile. You have to provide details such as name, email address, etc. After that, you have to join your Twitter account. After that, you can choose one SolChicks character from Bishop, Gladiator, or Wizard. Do not forget to buy two SolChicks as it is necessary to begin the game.

After that, you can start bonding with your SolChick. Also, you can take part in PvP battles and raids. Soon, the alpha version of the SolChicks game will release. After that, you can enjoy the P2P and Battle of the SolFox Challenge. In the second update, players can explore new worlds and experience farming and occupations.


So, SolChicks is an exciting Solana blockchain game by which you can earn money. You can start playing this game and earn NFTs and cryptocurrency. Also, you will like their PvP battles and raids.


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