This post will show you how to put those leftover rolls of Christmas wrapping paper from this year’s holiday madness to good use. To make a gift wrap organizer, cut a strip of paper the width of the roll and as long as you want the organizer. 

Then cut a slit at one end, fold it over and glue down the other end. Voila! You have your very own reusable gift wrap organizer! For quicker results, consider using double sided tape or ribbon to secure it together instead of or in addition to glue.

How to Use Up Leftover Holiday Wrapping Paper :

1. Place rolls of tape and scissors in the organizer.

2. Cover the roll with wrapping paper, securing at the end with double-sided tape or ribbon.

3. Put a ribbon in front of the box to add color and style.

4. Cut a slit at one end of the paper, fold it over and glue down the other end.

Use a clothes hanger to organize Christmas sweaters.

Organize your sweaters by hanging them on hangers — one for each day of the week for easy access. Attach keychains or a leather name tag to your hanger so it is identifiable.

Prepare Gift Bags Before Wrapping Christmas Gifts

You can save time and hassle by pre-wrapping Christmas gifts before you begin gift making. With time to spare before the big rush, choose wrapping paper, ribbons and other accessories that complement each gift. 

Gift wrap parcels of all shapes and sizes — even the hard-to-wrap items like crayons — at once. Use twine to create bows or loopy handles on smaller presents. Then, when you’re ready to start your gift-making project, you can just grab the pile of presents and start wrapping.

Gift wrap parcels of all shapes and sizes at once. This makes great sense for people who have a small family but like to give many gifts. You can save time by wrapping gifts as you go so you don’t run out of time at the end. The idea is to wrap all the gifts before you start making them. This can save a lot of time when you have 50 gifts to make and wrap.

How to Organize Christmas Cards

The holidays are also prime time for sending out Christmas cards, which can pile up in an instant. If your collection of holiday cards is growing, consider these steps to get your collection organized and under control:

1. Place a small gift box or basket on your mantle or coffee table .

Let everyone drop their cards there as they enter the house each time. This box can be marked “Please drop your Xmas card here” so that it’s not just another stuffy end table!

2. Place holiday card holder boxes by each doorway .

You can buy clear plastic holders, or use clear plastic shoe boxes or bins for this. Make sure that these bins are marked so you’ll know to drop your gift cards in there.

A great way to organize Christmas cards and gifts is to place a small box on a coffee table, mantle or sideboard for people to drop their cards into when they arrive at your house. You can also place an additional bin near the front door where it’s easy for guests to find and drop them into as they enter.

3. Make a file folder to go with each holiday related card. 

Store the date and type of card in the file and make sure the top of each box has the year’s name printed on it so other people know what type of card is inside. You can also label your Christmas cards for ease of organizing by using colored tabs or ribbons inside each box.

4. Use a large cardboard box for bulk storage. 

You can use a large cardboard box for your holiday cards and file folder (and tiny boxes for the personalized cards). This way you can easily see which years’ cards you have and remove unneeded ones. When you get to the boxes, right away pull them out so they don’t stack up on top of those in storage. Place each one on the counter and let the next year’s cards find their place of honor!

5. Keep a file at your desk so you’ll always have a spot to shove cards in.

 You can purchase a small box of file folders or you can create your own by cutting pieces of board (or cardboard) to the same size as the file-folder tabs, then affixing them to each other with a glue gun. You can also use larger pieces of cardboard and make a card catalog by punching holes in each file folder so you can easily look up each card’s file.


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