There comes a moment when you look in your closet, go through every drawer, and still come up empty. Sometimes your tried-and-true outfits just begin to feel boring, and shopping for a brand new wardrobe is an exhausting and expensive prospect. Rather than putting on your same old duds, have you considered mixing things up by wearing jewelry?  

Styling jewelry is a great way to make every outfit feel a little bit different and special. But do you know how to wear jewelry and look good doing it? If you follow a few simple tips, you’ll be feeling more confident in no time!

Read on to learn seven tips that can help you upgrade your outfit with different types of jewelry! 

1. Make a Single Statement

If you’re new to wearing jewelry, you may be inclined to upgrade your look with all kinds of bling! It’s possible to go over the top, however. When choosing a statement piece, such as costume jewelry, make sure that the piece is the star of the outfit, as too much bling can look over the top. 

2. Everyday Earrings

While necklaces and bracelets are fun, don’t underestimate mighty earrings, which frame your face – anyone who chats with you will see those first! That doesn’t mean you need to go over the top, however. Choose something that compliments your coloring and doesn’t hide behind your hair! As an option, we can suggest you go through ItsHot’s collections and shop for pave diamond earrings online with the best prices on the market.

3. You Can Mix Metal!

If you’ve heard that it’s sinful to mix metals, you’re relying on very old fashion advice! Contrast looks great, especially if you’re dealing with pendants. A gold pendant on a silver chain looks funky and adds visual interest!

4. Dress for Your Occasion

If you’re not familiar with how to style jewelry, then wearing it for the first time might draw attention. People might ask why you’re dressed up! With that in mind, make sure you keep your occasion in mind when you choose accessories for the day.

A long pendant necklace featuring a dazzling pink gemstone might be a great choice for a day behind an office desk, but not ideal if you’re doing something physical or putting on and taking off coats. 

5. Layers, Layers, Layers

A sense of contrast makes your jewelry look interesting, so consider layering to add visual interest. You can wear necklaces of multiple lengths, stack your rings, or curate a selection of bangles. 

6. Gemstones for All!

You may have heard a myth that it’s guache to wear real gemstone jewelry with false gemstones. That has gone by the wayside, along with the rule about mixing metals! Not only is mixing real and faux gemstones great, but it’s also a great way to keep people guessing! 

7. Keep Matching to a Minimum

Don’t feel like you need to rush out to the department store and buy a matching set to feel like you’re “doing it right.” Eclectic and mix-and-match style is in, and those matching sets are old-fashioned. Choose the pieces that say something about who you are and rock it!

How To Wear Jewelry Like a Pro 

A little sparkle is all you need to spice up any old outfit! All you need are a few pieces and you can mix and match! Follow the tips above and you will know how to wear jewelry like a pro!

For more sparkling content about style, check out the rest of the blog for more sterling posts like this one! 


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