Incredible tips to help you design a fantastic study space for your children

Do you have a child in school? Would you like to create an amazing study space for them? If your answer is yes, then this website might help you out. We will look at incredible designs that you can implement in your child’s study space at If you find this topic interesting, follow along and let us help you design that unique study space.

The area in which a child studies play a significant role in their performance. If they cannot focus on their assignment, the end result is reflected in lower grades. However, if the study area is built so that they can concentrate on their studies, they will, without a doubt, improve their grades immensely. Therefore if you have a child, you do not want to miss out on these design tips.

Desk position 

Different children require their desks to be positioned in different directions. Some will require the desk to face the rooms’ window to get a clear view of the sky. However, some children will find this distracting and will prefer the desk to face a wall in the room. Through research, we found out that the most efficient position is the one facing the wall. It boosts their concentration, and they avoid a lot of external distractions. 

You should ensure the desk receives sufficient lighting. Children should not strain their eyes when reading; it is not healthy and causes early fatigue.

If you place the desk facing a wall, then you can pin the following onto that wall:

  • Calendar that has essential dates like for example exams dates and assignment deadlines 
  • Posters having important reminders 
  • Papers that they performed well 

For children in kindergarten to third grade, doing their studying in public areas is better. It outweighs the benefits of them working in isolated spaces, which is not recommended. When they are working in public, you can provide them with the essential support that they require. You can also help them tackle different questions easily. 

You can hence create their study space in the home office or the kitchen. Here you can help them out while also tackling your work. 

Provide Lighting 

Light is pretty essential for a study space to be effective. Therefore improve the lighting of the study area by adding on an extra lamp. You can try out the pendant lights or table lamps. They are pretty efficient, pocket-friendly, and add some glare to the workspace or the desk.

With the light from these lights and incorporating natural light, your child can focus on their books better. 

Get rid of Phones in the Study Area

What has more distractions than a backyard?  A phone. Smartphones tend to be pretty distracting to children; you should hence ensure that that space has no phones. You can pick their phones and give them back when they are done studying. Or you can ensure that it is being charged in a different room. 

Having a no phones policy is crucial for your child. They learn how to deal with technology, which helps them out immensely even when they become adults. For example, when dealing with assignments on a laptop, they can avoid checking on socials. They can hence complete their tasks faster and more efficiently.

Stock up Supplies 

Children require some vital supplies to handle their assignments better. Some of these supplies include:

  • Pens
  • Markers 
  • Rulers 
  • Scissors 
  • Ruler 
  • Pencils 

The supplies mentioned above are just but a few of the many vital supplies. However, these supplies require to be well organized on the desks organizer. It might be an inbuilt one or just a simple cup to hold them. 

You will need to incorporate a drawer, system file, or cabinet for children in a middle school. They can use any of the mentioned storage equipment to store their returned homework and completed homework. You can also easily follow up on their progress.

Create a Study Nook 

What better way to boost focus than create a relaxing reading place. The spot might be a soft chair, bean bag, or a seat positioned facing the window. Such areas encourage phone-free time, plus it also boosts independent reading, which is pretty crucial. 

In these comfortable spots, your child can relax and read a book with ease of mind. They can indulge in extensive reading sessions like, for example, reading a novel in this area. To improve the efficiency of this area, provide a stash of books placed in a basket or a shelf having books. They can hence easily locate the book that they require.


Creating a study space for your child is not an easy feat. However, if you implement the tips provided in this article, then you will design an incredible one in no time.


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