Sure, we live in the digital age and many people now spend their time watching movies or playing games with friends online. But is streaming, gaming which uses voice calls over Skype and other services still relevant? Well, as it turns out, they are key parts of our society and could be important for our future. Packet loss of less than 2% is required for acceptable streaming, gaming, skype, and voice calls. With this low packet loss, you can have a reliable connection without any noticeable effects. First off, technology helps us connect to each other in ways that tactile experience cannot. The urge to seek contact with another human can provoke feelings of loneliness — something that can be difficult to overcome when the only real way to comfort ourselves is with a call on a phone or chat over Skype in our late teens or 20’s.

Is Streaming, Gaming, Skype, And Voice Calls. Still Relevant :

1. To Be Connected

The human condition is to be connected. It’s painful when we’re not able to interact with people in the way that we choose because there are many ways in which humans need and want to connect. Is streaming, gaming, Skype, and voice calls relevant? The answer is yes! Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of misogynistic reasoning as to why women who use sites like Twitch or go on cam regularly are somehow lesser than men even though there are many renowned professional female gamers(this isn’t about equality in skill but about being smeared for choosing a career that men don’t like).

When a person uses the internet, their life changes. They might not have time to enjoy their work as much because they need to check email every minute or so. People who use streaming services make more money as they now have an extra hour that they plan around their schedules. People who spend all day playing video games can now spend less time staring at the screen and more time interacting with people around them.

2. To Engage In Culture

A lot of people are adamant that games and movies and music in general can be enjoyed without being online. I’m not so sure. When we live in a society where not everyone can use the internet, culture is much less influential, and therefore, people are judged by their looks or their clothes or their music tastes, then culture becomes irrelevant. 

Society as a whole has become obsessed with how “good” it looks rather than how it actually works. There isn’t really any promotion of culture anymore because instead of people being focused on how good something actually is from a production standpoint we rather judge and get offended by how someone wears tights or what they listen to because we’ve grown to believe that’s what makes “good” people is the way they look on the internet.

3. To Make Decisions

Another thing that is relevant about being online is our ability to make decisions. I know at this point this seems almost self-explanatory but let me explain. There are many decisions that people make that when they can’t do them, they decide not to do them. Maybe they don’t speak the language of the country they’re in or maybe they don’t have the money or resources to do something. 

But when they do have it all, sometimes people forget that there are other factors in life which can make things difficult; like trying to get off Skype or go on a call with someone and realize that Skype has already cut you off because your internet is bad and you can’t get connected.

4. To Share Experiences

The last thing I want to mention is the experience of sharing our experiences with people who aren’t physically there with us. It’s amazing! This can be done in so many ways and I wish more people could experience the joy that it gives me to talk with a person in a foreign country on my lunch break or say hi to someone during their dinner time because sometimes when I’m eating dinner, I don’t really have a reason to call someone on skype other than just to say hi. The fact that we now have a way to do this is mind-blowing.

5. To Keep In Touch

The last thing I want to touch on is the idea of keeping in touch with friends or even loved ones. Communication is key to a healthy relationship and video chatting is a good way to keep it alive, especially if you’re long distance and don’t see each other every day, but even if you do, sometimes it’s nice just to say hi.

Skype is a good application for doing this in an easy fashion because you can talk wherever you have access to the internet and whenever the other person happens to be online — no need for phone numbers or texting unless you prefer it!


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