Is Tech Still Relevant?


Tech has always been a staple in our modern world, with generations of smart people overusing the power of technology to improve their lives. We can communicate with others and share information almost instantly, make cash at work without leaving our desk, and use advanced technologies to make music come alive. Titin tech sales is not only outpaced the growth of traditional product sales, so much so that the world is more dependent on tech than ever before. In the past few years we’ve seen a massive growth in technological advances that has now made tech almost ubiquitous in our society. 

We’re all carrying around what is basically a computer in our pockets, which can lead to people spending more time focused on their devices than with the people they are talking to. As well as this, we have artificial intelligence that is able to do things that once seemed like a distant dream. In the past few months we’ve seen robots be given citizenship and clever chat bots now exist all over social media. Not only are we able to converse with computers and leave them tasks but they are also able to create music for us through a series of algorithms, which is often amazing.

Is Tech Still Relevant :

1. Robots

Not only were a series of robots granted citizenship but they also won the Robot World Cup in Japan. The four-legged robots, which are used by the police force to patrol dangerous areas and assist in rescue missions, even won the first ever competition by navigating a course which had a number of obstacles and jumping over walls. They are single-minded machines, so it seems likely that they’d be unable to maintain human relationships with people.

2. Chat Bots

Botanic is pretty much like your favourite messaging app with one minor difference; it is able to create music for you through a series of algorithms. The service was created by British musician, Andy C, and is able to create an original piece of music based on a person’s voice. In November 2018 he released a new track “Brainstorm” via his Instagram, which had tracks made for each of his followers. So, he is literally tuning in to the world in an effort to tap into something new and unique.

3. Digital Nomads

Collaborative consumption has become a buzzword of our modern age, but there are still some businesses that continue to innovate the sharing economy. Nomad List is a great example of how people can stay for free anywhere that is listed on the platform by simply offering their place to other travelers whilst they are away. This type of service has enabled entrepreneurs to travel more and also meet people along their travels instead of just using it as an excuse for not seeing friends and family, which is how it was once seen by critics.

4. Artificial Intelligence

AI is set to become a massive part of our lives over the next few years, with new products being created every day. In February 2018 speech recognition technology was used by an AI bot that was able to converse with your Facebook Messenger friend and it was even able to have a real-life conversation with them! This means that the time for us to lose touch is over and we can go about our days without having to worry about disaster striking but at what cost? Robots are getting increasingly more lifelike, which means they will be able to do things we may not like, but also things that we would never even think of.

This phenomenon has become more common recently, but it remains a mystery as to why this feature is even built into some platforms. One person said that it might be because there are smartphones that have swipe keyboards and therefore people can do this via tapping their word selection instead of swiping. The audio produced by the chatbots isn’t just limited to music; the same algorithm can be used for content creation as well.

5. Smartphones and Mobile Payments

Mobile payments are a common sight these days, with many of us using them at least once a week when booking a movie ticket or paying for something that we buy online. With the growth of online shopping, it will come as no surprise when there is an AI system that offers this type of payment option over the phone! 

6. Virtual Reality

VR is growing in popularity every year and it’s already been able to give people an insight into situations that would otherwise have not been possible. People can now walk a mile in someone else’s shoes through the use of this technology, or even see what it’s like to be in space. This type of technology has also been used to study traumatic events, allowing experts to evaluate how people react. In addition to this, VR has also been used in learning as well as helping people with mental health issues.

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