The beste snus industry is on the verge of collapse if it doesn’t adapt according to the newest trends. The company, Skruf Sweden AB, is making a great effort in their constant innovation to target that snus-less market, but they are doing so at their own risk.

It’s possible these new innovations will successfully draw in new customers. But there are some doubts about how much demand there even is for this type of product anymore or if it’s just an unsustainable trend.

In the past few years there has been a drop in the popularity of snus. If this trend continues, it’s possible that even heavy users will eventually give up on snus and start looking for a different product.

This is bad news for Skruf AB as its main products are aimed toward heavy users. There is another problem though, the clientele who have been using snus for most of their lives are aging. It can be expected that they will realize it’s time to switch over to a different tobacco product due to health concerns or personal preferences. This means less customers which could cause stagnation within the industry.

For example, the company Swedish Match AB is based on innovation, not tradition. Swedish Match takes risks on new products which are aimed at getting people who have never tried snus to actually switch over to snus. These are young people who are relying more on social media networks for information about snus.

Swedish Match’s goal of reaching out to new customers can be contrasted with Skruf AB’s goal of targeting the high-end snus market – an industry that is risking its own survival if it can’t adapt according to the modern world of tobacco products.

Another company, Scandinavian Tobacco Group AB, has a similar problem. One of their main products, Göteborgs Röda Kockar snus, has been created to appeal to the young generation. This means it differs from traditional snus products but is still aimed at the high-end market.

In order for these companies to survive, they have to find a new way to get people who have never tried snus interested in trying it again. That’s why they are creating new snus products which break away from tradition and try something new while still preserving the core of snus ingredients.

This new generation of tobacco products, called smokeless snus, has been promising to offer more benefits than traditional snus. Some consumers think that they will get better results and taste and some think that smokeless snus will be safer to smoke than their usual tobacco product since it is not burning.

The Swedish Match Group has noticed this niche niche and is making a great effort to prevent their products from disappearing, but at the risk of failing. The company has been looking for new ways to attract young people such as using more social media sites such as Snapchat and Instagram where users share information about the new products which are released.


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