The world’s oldest and newest vaccines are coming together to be tested for safety in people as early as tomorrow. The National Vaccine Advisory Committee has agreed to test the j&j vaccine in humans as soon as possible, a move that could prevent the introduction of the j&j vaccine into the U.S. when it becomes available this summer.

Most experts believe that this vaccine is safe and effective, but there is a small risk that it could cause an allergic reaction that causes anaphylactic shock.

There is a small risk that the jampj vaccine could cause an allergic reaction, but that risk is low enough that it should be less than about one in a million that it might cause an anaphylactic shock, according to a scientific review. There is also a possibility the vaccine might not work because it is not licensed and is only being tested in people with no preexisting conditions.

No, no. Just because people have an allergic reaction to the vaccine doesn’t mean it is a medical disaster. If there is a problem, it could be caused by some other reason, like a bad batch. The risk is much higher for people who have had a reaction to the vaccine. The vaccines are being tested in children, and so far the majority of them have all passed.


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