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This week we bring you breaking news about one of our own Joshua Gates. Joshua is a great young man from our area who is going to be a great young man in the future, and I want to take a moment to thank him and his family for the positive example they are set for us in so many ways. We’re also bringing you a story about the family who inspired us to start the Joshua Gates Foundation. Read on for the story.

Joshua is the father of nine children. His wife, Erica, is a local college graduate who decided to go back to school to become a nurse. Joshua is a father of three. He is married to Erica and is the father of three young children. His brother, Kevin, is a lawyer. His sister, Jen, is a teacher. His sister, Ashley, is a graphic designer, and his sister, Rachel, is a piano teacher. His mother, Mary, is a homemaker.

Erica lost her husband of 11 years to ALS. She now works as a nurse at an assisted living facility in the same city where she grew up. Joshua lost his wife, Ashley, and their infant daughter, Olivia, over the weekend. He’s been in and out of hospitals since then. He’s in his mid-40s and has no family.

That’s okay. My mom and dad are the same age as our son, Joshua. They are married in June of 2010. Not sure how long they will stay in Illinois. Last week, we got a phone call from my mother and dad and we can’t be sure if that would even be a positive thing to have. We don’t know how their marriage is going to end, but we know that they will be married in May.

Well, at least we know who he is. We also know that we cant be certain that he is safe.

I think it is a good idea to know who you are before you go into the world. For example, if you are in a relationship and one or both of you have a child, you should know a little more than just if it is yours. However, I have to think that it really does not hurt to be aware of one’s own self. In the past, I was constantly worried that we were going to lose Joshua as I was unsure of his survival.

I agree.

A recent study on the effects of mindfulness on mental health found that people who were trained in mindfulness found themselves less depressed when compared to people who were not trained. It seems that awareness is an important factor in this study. The research is still in its early stages, but it is likely what is going to be found out in a few years will have a profound effect.

In addition to the benefits of mindfulness, what I like the most about the study is that the study is conducted on participants who are not a student of psychology. Many people who are not trained in psychology are told these studies are to help people to improve their mental health. They are not told they are doing it as part of their training.

The study is conducted by a psychology professor at the University of Nevada who has worked in the field for several decades. The research is part of a larger project called Mindfulness and the Mind. The study was conducted over a span of about a year.

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