My favorite ky3 news anchors are the ones that I find the most insightful and entertaining. After a few months of watching them talk about their day, I’m amazed how much they have to say.

I have to admit that I’ve never been comfortable with the way that news anchors talk. Even though it’s not often that I have to make an informed decision about what to read or what to watch and what not, the way that they do it is usually way off of the mark. It’s one of those things that I’ve grown to really dislike.

This annoys the hell out of me because I feel like I am actually being forced into a conversation I don’t want to have. Instead of being forced to make a real decision about what news to read or watch, I am forced into a conversation where I can only be a little bit interested. If I don’t care about the topic, I will simply sit there and listen to the news anchors talk about it.

There are two types of anchor in radio. The first is the “person at the desk” who is basically a mouth piece for the host. This is the person who always sits in the studio and talks over the host. These are the “people who you know” (or “people who nobody knows”) who are essentially the audience. The second is the reporter. The reporter writes the stories on your behalf.

In radio, reporters are often hired by the station that is running the show. The station wants the attention of the audience so they will hire the brightest and most talented person on the job to be their reporter. In the case of KY3, the station hired two reporters. Each one was brought in as a result of the station’s need for a skilled reporter.

The story will be a pretty long one, which is what the second one is. If you’re in a good company and have more than enough time to read the story, you can get some great, helpful information from the other one. I’ve seen plenty of stories like this one.

The second one will be titled “The Secret to Making a Career in TV News”. It will include this part of the story: “In a press release from KY3, a recent article about KY3’s new hire tells us that the reporter’s name is Mark. In this article, Mark recalls that as a kid, he watched KY3’s news broadcast on TV every night.

In another article, he says that he remembers having a crush on KY3s news anchor, Karen. I guess that would be the same kind of crush that I have on KY3s new anchor.

Here’s the kicker. Mark isn’t just a “News Anchor.” He was KY3’s first news anchor. This is the one anchor who told his team about the mysterious island and the secret room. He took the news anchor job because, well, he’s a news anchor. He believes he was chosen because of his news presence, which doesn’t make sense. But he has no proof of that, and no way of proving that.


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