Learn How to Successfully Appeal Your Social Security Disability Denial Claim


Thousands of people are denied disability insurance claims every year, many of whom pass away before ever getting through the process to have their social security disability claim approved. Applying for and receiving social security benefits can be quite a lengthy process, especially for those who choose not to hire a social security disability attorney. 

Nearly 70 percent of all new applications for social security disability insurance (SSDI) are initially denied due to medical or technical issues. 

Working with knowledgeable “social security attorneys near me” who are experienced specifically in this area of practice, can help you swiftly appeal your social security disability denial claim to get the benefits you qualify for. 

Common Reasons for a Social Security Disability Denial Claim

The number of SSDI claims received annually far exceeds what the system can reasonably accommodate. To further complicate matters, the social security administration wants to be absolutely sure that every applicant approved meets all the strict criteria outlined and provides a mountain of supporting evidence. 

Any deviation, such as failure to follow treatment advice or return a required questionnaire, is viewed as noncompliance putting your application in jeopardy of denial. The two most common reasons for social security disability denial claims involve inadequate supporting documentation and missed deadlines. While these don’t sound like complex issues, they can cause big problems with your social security disability application. 

Why You Need an Social Security Attorney to Appeal Your Denial Claim

Unfortunately, many people go into this process blindly assuming they don’t need the help of a social security attorney to appeal their social security disability denial claim. Sometimes people simply attempt to file a whole new claim when the first one is denied. This is a bad idea because it can also cause subsequent applications and appeals to be denied. 

The best way to successfully appeal your social security disability denial claim is to hire a social security disability insurance attorney. They have extensive knowledge of the system, and they know exactly what type of supporting documentation should accompany your appeal to move it swiftly through the courts. 

An experienced social security attorney will know when your appeal must be filed, what type of paperwork should be completed, and which questions to elaborate on. They’ll know when to supplement the forms provided and when to request a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). Many times, a social security disability insurance attorney can help get your claim approved at the reconsideration level without ever needing to go to court. 

Prepare Yourself for the Process by Hiring a Strong SSDI Attorney

Claiming your social security disability insurance benefits can be a long and arduous process, so it’s best to prepare yourself from the beginning. Most applications are initially denied but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a legitimate claim for social security disability benefits. A strong social security disability insurance attorney will be able to see exactly why your claim was denied and help you move swiftly through the appeals process while mitigating potential hazards that could hold up your claim. 

The key to successfully appealing your social security disability denial claim is to hire a skilled social security attorney who can help get you all the disability benefits you are rightfully due. 

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