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Ciroc Apple Walmart is a new, all-natural, gluten-free and vegan soft drink beverage containing ingredients like organic cane sugar and organic coconut water from concentrate with flavors that include apple cider, lemon lime and cola with 40% less sugar than other leading colas. Ciroc Apple Walmart is the official description of this new beverage, and it looks like a hit. But we’re here to tell you that it’s not anywhere near what it claims to be. 

This is a warning to all of you who are considering trying Ciroc Apple Walmart because you think it’s somehow magically delicious – please don’t. You’d be doing yourself a disservice by ingesting this drink, and we’re going to explain exactly why in the following paragraphs. The truth about Ciroc Apple Walmart will shock and surprise you, but the most important thing for us is that you learn from our mistakes and avoid putting something dangerous into your body just because other people like it.

The Truth About Ciroc Apple Walmart :

1. What Is Ciroc Apple Walmart?

Ciroc Apple Walmart is a new soft drink beverage that has several different names. Its official name is Ciroc Apple Walmart, but it’s also called Love Punch, Ciroc Love Punch, and Ciroc Lyte. This drink has been all over the place in terms of availability, but it’s currently only being sold in Minnesota and other states, along with some Canadian cities. We guarantee that this beverage will never be available anywhere else because it’s not really what you think it is. This isn’t just a straightforward fruit punch flavored soft drink it’s a complete scam!

2. Why Should You Avoid Ciroc Apple Walmart?

Ciroc Apple Walmart is advertised as a soft drink that contains real apple cider, real apple juice, and natural sugar from organic cane sugar. As you can see in the label above, there are no artificial flavors or ingredients in Ciroc Apple Walmart. But it’s absolutely filled with aspartame. It’s not even close to being a healthy drink because it’s full of calories with very little nutritional value. The biggest problem here is that this drink isn’t what it claims to be at all. It’s not made from real apples, it’s not even made from apple juice, and none of the sugar is real. 

It’s full of artificial sweeteners and it contains high fructose corn syrup. There are all sorts of rumors about Ciroc Apple Walmart, including that it contains alcohol because some people think that alcohol is a kind of rodenticide or a hallucinogen, but this drink doesn’t contain any sort of liquor or hallucinogens at all. It also doesn’t contain any sort of rodents or insects!

3. The Final Truth About Ciroc Apple Walmart

One thing that we absolutely cannot stress enough here is the fact that this drink isn’t what it claims to be. It’s not made from apples or apple cider, and it doesn’t contain any high-quality ingredients at all. Although some people like it and claim that it’s delicious, this drink is absolutely not a healthy option.

We strongly advise against drinking Ciroc Apple Walmart. This isn’t just a stern warning; we are actually trying to help you by telling you about this drink so that you don’t get scammed out of your money or risk getting sick because you ingested aspartame instead of sugar.

4. Is The Truth About Ciroc Apple Walmart Going To Come Out?

There are a lot of rumors about this drink, and the most common one that we’ve heard is that it contains an ingredient called ‘Love Punch.’ Some people think you can get this drink in supermarkets as well, but this is absolutely not true. 

As mentioned previously, it’s only being sold in certain locations right now. So if you want to know if Ciroc Apple Walmart is available in your town, there’s no way to know at all. It might still be available somewhere in the future, but we don’t know when or where it will be selling because it’s not available anywhere else right now.We won’t be surprised if the ‘Love Punch’ rumor turns out to be true, but we don’t think it will.

5. Sources And Further Reading:

The official website of Ciroc Apple Walmart is here. You can learn more about the drink here, but don’t drink it! The Man in Black is writing a blog post about Ciroc Apple Walmart – please comment here to let him know how you feel about this phony soft drink. Please share this article with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Google Plus so that they can avoid getting scammed too! This beverage is not something that should be part of their daily diet.

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